Some what simple, very effective. Includes trigger. About 35 common pieces required.  Shoots about 10 mph.


25 "45° // Gray" pieces

3 "Gray (Longest Rod)" pieces

1 White Piece

1 "Green // Black (Smallest Rod)" piece

5 "Clip // Y Connector" pieces

1 "Red // Black // 90°" piece

8 Mid-sized Elastic (Or whatever works)


Pros :

Fast, effective (
Easy Reloading
Can shoot any piece
Very hard to break


Does not look realistic
No scope // aiming device
Not very accurate


*** SORRY FOR PICTURE QUALITY. If you have any trouble assembling, or any general questions about the launcher please comment.

Step 1: Building the Gun

The Barrel // Base.

Step 2: Trigger

VERY simple.

Step 3: Bolt

The thing you cock and fire with.
Nobody likes these types of guns anymore. &nbsp;Well at least when they are posted anyways.<br />
the instructions look nice... but I cant believe that instructabels puts up with this I'd think they'd run out of server space&nbsp; with all these stupid knex launchers. <br /> <br /> My advice to you.<br /> <br /> look around more look at the top rated instructables then figure out how to make something better.<br />
meh...<br />

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