Happy New-Year! :-D
Well, here it is! My new K'nex gun with a removable mag, rails, carrying handle/ sight, and more!
And it's also my 13th Instructable!

For no reason what-so-ever, I weighed and measured this gun. It weighs 2 pounds on the dot w/o the mag, and is 2 feet and 1 inch long

 If you need any help, be sure to comment or PM me!

Edit : To avoid any further confusion, this gun does shoot. It shoots dark grey connectors around 50 feet and has removable magazines that hold around 17 rounds. You can shorten the mags, or extend them to hold more or less.

Double edit : My new computer has arrived, so I can post some pictures of my heavily modified version. Not until later today (3/21/10) I'll be able to post some. At the least.

       So, without further ado, let's get started!

 By the way, your welcome to make fun of my gun-naming skillz. =p

   And don't forget, the stock was made 100% by Katarukito. So all credit goes to him!

          Don't forget to comment and rate!

                       - Owen.

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Step 1: Piece Count

Picture of Piece Count
Hooray for Piece Counts! Here's this one :

Rods -

Green - 122
White - 64
Blue - 16
Red - 8
Grey (black/clear recommended - 4

 Connectors -

D. Grey - 36
L. Grey -  4
Red - 15
Green - 8
Orange - 29
Yellow - 78
Purple - 4
Blue - 2
White - 39


Red standard/micro rod - 1
Orange track splice - 7
Blue clips - 4
Blue spacer - 10
Grey spacer - 6
Y-Connector - 21

Got them yet? If so, move on to the next step!

Step 2: Stock

Picture of Stock
The stock. Follow the notes!

Step 3: Handle

Picture of Handle
The handle. Follow the notes!

Step 4: Barrel

Picture of Barrel
The barrel. Not hard at all!

Step 5: Mag

The magazine.  Follow the notes!

Step 6: Body.

The Body/Inner stuffz. A little hard. Don't forget to read the notes!

Step 7: Assembly

Super easy. Almost done!

Step 8: Add-ons

Picture of Add-ons
Have any rail add-ons? Post a picture, and I'll put it up here!

1. Secondary handle (me)

james44 years ago
no to be a guy who go's around and corrects ppl for evry mistake but it says in in on one of the notes at step six the last pic
Owenmon (author)  james44 years ago
w/e nobody goes on these ends of instructables isn't knex dead now?
james4 Owenmon4 years ago
duuuuuuuuuudde knex is one of the most popular things on instructables
Owenmon (author)  james44 years ago
but it's defiantly not the most respected thing on instructables.
james4 Owenmon4 years ago
wait your gun or knex if its gun i think the gun is awesum
Owenmon (author)  james44 years ago
james4 Owenmon4 years ago
dude knex is still hot
Owenmon (author)  james44 years ago
lol ur attracted to knex?
james4 Owenmon4 years ago
no not sexy hot >_< lol
Owenmon (author)  james44 years ago
ooooh yeah u do mean sexy hot e.e
james4 Owenmon4 years ago
two camels in a tiny car