Knex Gun Prototype





Introduction: Knex Gun Prototype

Prototype of a rubber band powered knex gun. I am looking for modifications, improvements, and ideas. At its current state the gun will fire a single shot. I am trying to include: a trigger, ammo storage, automatic loader, and better bullet design/idea. The gun is relatively simple to make and does not require a lot of pieces.

Step 1: Build Support Base

Build a base out of:
8 Yellow Connectors
2 Blue Rods
2 White Rods
10 Green Rods

Pretty Simple, see picture

Step 2: Build Firing Rod

Build the firing rod with the following pieces:
1 Yellow Connector
1 Orange Connector
1 Green Rod
1 Grey Rod
1 Small/Medium Rubber Band

Very simple, see picture

Step 3: Build Barrel / Firing Rod Centerer

This centers the firing rod and holds the bullet. You need:
4 White Connectors
4 Red Rods
2 Grey Rods
1 Blue Rod

The Red and Grey Rods are for added support; the blue rod holds the rubber band

Step 4: Attach Pieces to Make Gun

Attach the pieces as shown in the picture.
The firing rod slides through all four white connectors.
The bullet is undeveloped. I have been using a white rod with a red connector; this definitely needs improvement.

First instructable, please let me know any ideas to making this gun better.



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OH MY GOD Is this the very first knex thing which could fire anything?! Holy! Five stars and FAVED

(removed with bribe of milk and cookies)

yeah go back to your sell and put on your straight jacket,- anyway i didnt think patients where allowed to use the internet in a mental asylum!!!!!!!!

my version has a very simple trigger. I will post if I can.

if I am correct on the mechanism of this gun, then this is a gun I have thought of a long time after you have(not posted). I have built a gun that I have upgraded many times before I found this instructible. It is pretty weak, though. I hope you have much success upgrading this instructable.

this is really simple, yet really good. good work. 5 stars and faved!

I'll start to work on a trigger ,mod, i'll post it soon

Ya, Shaddup mustaphabarakat