Knex Gun: Sentinel [Update 1]



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Introduction: Knex Gun: Sentinel [Update 1]

About: i like to mess with knex, i think they are a very creative kinda toy for people that like to build things of all sorts. i have a youtube account. its potpieism, yes its a dumb name but its hard to get a name...

Hey guys, this is the newest version of sentinel, i hope you like!

:Update 1~
Hey, sorry for the inactivity on instructables, i've been really busy lately, especially with school work. But anyways, i made a new trigger, its easier to pull, and the gun shoots roughly 40 ft. Thanks to every one of my subscribers!



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    That can be changed, but i like to use them because it makes loading easier and it doesnt rip the rubber band as easy. But anyways, thanks.

    your'e welcome

    Looks better, most of the knex guns should be easily hitting 70Ft. Overall is good.
    (Not like Im the boss or anything).

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    Well im not that great, so i cant really get that with a gun. With crossbows i can though.

    Yeah. I basically build the same way to.

    Why dont you post anything? Or have any pictures?

    Sister took it up to college.

    lol, and you still havent seen the updated version too :P

    I dont understand how you would know. But im still modding this, its not done. And i haven't had time for updates, im too busy with schoolwork.

    If it is going to be I will plan to make it. Very nice btw, probably one of your best guns!

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    That's great I might have to take apart my Swagboss though. :(

    Yeah hope its worth it !!!