Knex Gun: the Enforcer




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Introduction: Knex Gun: the Enforcer

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This gun offers a powerful and accurate shot at a good range of 40 - 50 feet at max. Instead of using rods or clips this gun shoots spacers. PROS accurate, long range, lightweight, part sparing, and comfortable. CONS break action single load design takes 10 seconds to reload, trigger can be hard to pull at times. *Keep in mind this is pretty much a test gun to see how the trigger mech would work.

Step 1: Build

Blah blah blah who reads this part blah blah blah use pictures blah yadah blah

Step 2: Let's Shoot!

Pull side with tan clip up to release break action.



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    Genius maybe i could make a break action sniper rifle i dont think anyone has done that before

    I had an idea kind of like this great to see this idea being used!

    Interesting idea-I like it.