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Introduction: Knex Gun: Velocity

Hello fellow instructables community! Today me and Knextremely stupid, or Jaredb1, bring you, Velocity.

You can find many railguns on this site, but few actually shoot. This gun is a 100% monster power house. Few railgun could stand close to this beast.

Before we get to the sats, I would like to give a big shoutout to Jared. He's a great guy, and a very talented knexer. Go follow his channel if you haven't already.

•Very powerful 60+ foot ranges with yellow rods
•Removable, preloaded, 10 round yellow rod magazine.
•storage compartment in the stock
•Mag locks in front and back
•Adjustable iron sights
•Bullpup trigger
•2 feet long or 24 inches long
•Looks pretty cool
•Carrying rail
•7 layers thick
•Shuttle can be hard to fix after breaking

So that's it guys, go check out Knextremely stupid, and go check out the videos (when there uploaded :P)

Leave us some comments telling us what you think!

~Lucas The Boss~



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    That looks very good, man, by far one of your best! I think it looks quite nice.

    Thank you so much! Im not that crazy about the looks, but thank you! So you quit knexing huh? You got bored with guns right? Well Mabey try a ball machine, just don't give up Knex.

    I think it looks great, but it seems sometimes we have differing thoughts on that.

    WOW: Rage Edition, for example, lol. I really should have stopped arguing about that sooner.

    I did get kinda bored of it all. I'm not really giving up yet, though. It's just that most of my project don't turn out.

    Is this one more powerful than the Lt. Licorice?
    Anyway, it looks sturdy enough. I'm not a fan of its overall looks, but looks are subjective.
    It also looks comfortable enough for your trigger hand, not sure where you'd hold it with your other one.
    I don't really have anything else to say, soooo

    Much more powerful! It is more reliable as well because it doesn't rely on flimsy oodammo mags.

    It is up on my channel but it broke before I could get any good footage so I uploaded what I had.

    Woah this thing sounds crazy! any chance of instructions...?