Step 1: The Body

Step 2: The Handle Connector

Step 3: The Handle

Step 4: Connect the Handle Pieces

Step 5: Add the Dark White Piece

Step 6: Add the Handle

Step 7: Add Blue Rods to the Body on Both Sides

Step 8: The Trigger

Step 9: Connect the Handle to the Body

Step 10: Add the Trigger

Step 11: Add the Trigger

Step 12: Add the Green Rod

Step 13: The Band (i Used My Sisters Hair Bands)

This is not your design I remember making this as my first build with knex 4 years ago sorry if this sounds harsh but I don't believe in taking credit for someone else's gun
<p>not my problem</p>
<p>Great for an 8-year old!</p>
(Made and uploaded by my 8 year old boy)
Why has it got no ram rod?<br><br>
<p>Cool gun!</p>

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