Introduction: K'nex Gun With Mag, True Trigger and Sight Base.

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My first instructable and this gun is my first sucsessful make. There is a sight base on the front so you can add your own sights althogh it might look better without and its innacurate so its up to you. The powe depends on your elastic band (multi tention fastener lol)

Peice count:

Yellow: 9
Red: 3
White Snowflake:4
Grey 2 connector: 2
Grey 1 connector: 5
Orange 2 connector: 8
Green: 4
Blue metalic connector: 3
Y connectors: 3

Blue rod: 3
White rod: 17
Green rod: 17
Grey Long rod:1

Large handle mag
True trigger
Looks pretty cool i guess...

Tell me!

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

This is the handle/ mag make and put together :)

Step 2: Barrell and Other Stuff

Picture of Barrell and Other Stuff

Make these and add them too :D

Step 3: Support

Picture of Support

Sorry i forgot these D:

Step 4: Sight Base and Grip

Picture of Sight Base and Grip

Make and add 8)

Step 5: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

Make this and add ;)

Step 6: Grip (optional)

Picture of Grip (optional)

Step 7: Hammers and Rams

Picture of Hammers and Rams

Forgot this yellow and red in the peice count

Yellow rod:1
Red connector: 1
There it is ^

Step 8: Elastics

Picture of Elastics

you will need 3

Step 9: Loading and Firing

Picture of Loading and Firing

HOw to shoot stuff >:)


interman (author)2011-03-22

It dose'nt shot very far. when u pull the trigger it goes straight down, not straight.

KNEXFRANTIC (author)2010-12-15

nice gun

hokiew (author)KNEXFRANTIC2010-12-16

Tanks :)

KNEXFRANTIC (author)hokiew2010-12-16

your welcome kinda but i don't waant you to be welcome all of the time lol

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