This is an easy yet powerful knex gun - It shoots over 26ft! It takes only 12 pieces to make. This is my first instructable so go easy.

Step 1: The Parts You Need

This is what you need.
4 long gray
as many greens as you want (this is your ammunition)
2 brown connectors
10 green connectors
1 rubber band

Step 2: Make the Barrel

Take 2 gray rods and put the green on it. I told you it was easy

Step 3: Ad the Legs

Ad the legs like so.

Step 4: Ad the Rubber Band Supports

This is the 2 brown.

Step 5: Fire!

I'm going to show you how to load and shoot.
i added 10 TINY rbs and HOLY @#$%!!!!! 267 ft!
Yeah right...
NAW, really? Thank you, Captain Obvious! You saved the day! MY HERO!!
Your welcome sir put down! :-p
Look how much I moded it: added a trigger and everything :P
whoa, post a 'structie! looks cool!
its a 'ible.
Whichever, post it.
are the green rods the tiny ones or the long ones?
long, but u can also use red rods, but i used a crossbow bolt or a bamboo skewer.
what is a crossbow bolt?
Ammunition for a crossbow.
i had the same idea but mine shoots bb bullets put if you pull it to far back the connector comes of and the rod shoots out
hey everybody that looked at this 'ible im themoonatic now because i sorta forgot my password and i put it on a removed email
Its.... a fancy slingshot! nice idea!
put the ammo through the green things, put the rubber band around the back, pull back and let go
at least its not a block trigger!
hmm weirdd that your vid is 666kb but good gun
i noticed that 2
intresting...like a mortar second comment
how do you add a face
add a face?...
he means, an avatar.
he means an avatar.
awesome gun, like a mortar. i gave mine a pistol grip and sight. awesome gun. +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
to make it better just add a handle. :)
thats what i did : )
this thing rocks... 2 minutes to build , endless fun + pain!! move on to something else now
i got mine to go 39 feet!!!
both of my mates made that in my street and i thought it was cool but you should move on and make machine guns and gatling guns
make it about 3 inches longer and its gonna be REALLY powerful, I've done crossbows in the past and I made one that makes you BLEED:0
Wow. I got a suggestion though. Pretty hard to do, bruised my right thumb, but replace the gray rods with yellow rods. And with the band, put 2 green rods on top of the rubber bands. really secured mine.
Sorry for double post, but if you want more power, change the 2 yellows that I said to red rods, the ones that connect the greens. Then, put on more greens.
I like this a lot!
please click on me and leave comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS:cool gun
i dont have any vids though im goin to make that gun now!!!!
just explain how to shoot and load
just put the ammo through the barrel, put the elastics on the back of the bullet, pull back and let go!
Its not really a gun but still...it shoots![]
Brill! good accuracy too, just missed my sisters head!
i really like it because its good for beginers like me and is easy to build but you need to get the instructions for shooting and loading ok
Thanks for posting this
hey while I was at my friends house i brought my knex and we stayed up late and he built this and when he fired it it couldnt go 24ft. XD
cool idea, one thing you could do is to put the unused amo in the brown connectors for storage
Just so you know, people HATE it when you say "This is my first instructable so go easy." or "First instructable, be nice". Just letting you know.....
it doesnt even have a trigger, and 26ft is OK

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