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Introduction: Knex Gun

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This Isnt My Design Just My Version

Step 1: These R the Pieces You Will Need

i no my cam suks lol

Step 2: This Is How to Make the ... Trigger Fire-Pin and the Handle (if Wanted)

U Can Use As Mant Laggy Bands As U Want Its Ur Gun =]

Step 3: This Is How to Make the Barrel

Make Shure Its All In The Rite Place =]

Step 4: This Is the Gun =]=]

Wen All The Pieces r Put Together This Is Wat It shud Luk Lyk

Step 5: How to Fire

Make Sure You put tape on the grey connector on the firepin then just pull bk and let it lok into place the push trigger



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    should i make instructions for this

    it doesn't require a lot of pieces and works really well!


    simple yet effective good job

    what the fruck?

    one of the best guns I have made nice and simple

    Becaues i have a lot of boxes of knex i assort different peices in different boxes for example rods in one box connectors in another

    it works really well it helps u to find the peices u want fast

    cool gun is it powerful? But my cousin makes way more powerful and cool k nex guns but no offense.

    good idea but can you use a better camera and / or write down the things you need

    lol just got bored so i said something