This is a Knex gun I made using ideas from other knex guns. this is only a prototype and hope others will give me tips to make it better.
<p>looks like a Thompson</p>
<p>with no mag</p>
i need a good gun with not a whole lot of parts
yet again, another useless gun but its better than some of the sucky guns I've seen here.<br />
Why does this get over 15,000 views? Why not a gun that doesn't suck?
&nbsp;From far off, I thought it was a drill
kewl<br />
<p>It is may be&nbsp;better to use more spacers than orange connectors at the end of your barrel because then there is less friction.<br /> succes!!</p>
i mad it can i post? plus tell me how to post
hello can you awser plz or get on instructables lol no offence
You mean get <em>off </em>ibles.???
tutorial please.
lol use the word post lol
dont say tutorial no one says that say ible instead
NICE GUN MAN please get a tuorial
looks good
Reply to his comment next time!
it this a block???
looks ok but next try to bulid a true trigger
33th comment can u make a instructble on how to make this because i like it?
i like it
killerk copy...
well, it's not horrible because of the chamber thing, but still really bad in this form. at least add a true trigger, that will make it 10 times better.
I had the exact same thought.
Me too!!!
me three!
me 56,940,162!
I think you skipped a number
no he didn't 1... 3...56,940,162...10
Wouldn't it be 1...2...3...456,789...10?
ds mans just everywere isnt he?
the gun is a shotgun/different piece GOOD FIRER
i have a block trigger on a gun of mine but you can also shoot manually
please add instructions
please make instructions
how far does it shoot?
it looks cool but were are the instructions!!!
umm i need help making a clip please make a how to
nice job 4/5 i like the clip
I'm sorry to say, its somthing i had to leearn as well, but knowone likes block triggers anymore, its all true triggers now, to make the change youll have to learn how to make a true trigger
<h2>people great news!!!!! you can rate your own gun when you go to rate it it says sorry you cant rate your ow well just rate it any way!!!!!!!!!</h2>
This gun looks good mechanically but is a little boring aesthetically (its appearance). However, it does have a nice chamber with bullet locking to boot. Trying to make the design more ergonomic (have a better grip) and connecting additional attachments may help its overall look.
LOOKS PREETY TIGHT,BUT how does it shoot?

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