Introduction: K'nex Guns, Exploding Grenades, and Spy Weopons

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This is a bunch of the k'nex warfare weapons I've been making. these guns shoot, and grenades explode upon impact, while other weapons are small and can be concealed easily. I also brought you guns that shoot making little noise and i brought bombs you can shoot from your gun and it will NOT explode in in till it hit something. Hope you like it enjoy your battles!

Step 1: Exploding Grenades

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Everyone loves things that explode! But you will need a thin rubber-band. Also the two gears are held by two white rods on the side the gear teeth lock into the groove in the rods.

Step 2: This Is a Bomb That You Can Shoot Out a Gun

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notice the blues on sides are NOT connected! if you do there is no bomb

Step 3: This Is a Gun, That I Call a Sniper

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this gun you can use behind doors, or shoot in between cracks, and the enemy never find you!

Step 4: Multi Spy Weapons

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This are double barrel guns with a dagger, this give you an advantage.

Step 5: This Is a Smaller Multi Spy Weapon

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This gun being smaller gives you better stealth with a silent shooter built in.

Step 6: The Gray Gun

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This gun is the biggest, powerful, and very accurate. PS This gun has a loading dock for green but this is optional.

Step 7: The Red Gun

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This is smaller easier to load, and not as hard to make

Step 8: The Yellow Gun

Picture of The Yellow Gun

This is the standard gun we use in combat

Step 9: The Blue Gun

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This is a smaller gun but still accurate. past this size the gun are only accurate up to a few yards.

Step 10: The White Gun

Picture of The White Gun

Amazingly simple, this gun is literately the trigger it self. This gun is small enough to fit in your hand unseen.

Step 11: Better White Gun

Picture of Better White Gun

This is flatter white gun that can be fired with just one hand, but this takes skill. You fire by pushing up on the back of the gun.


random_builder (author)2017-02-06

Why would you want a grenade that uses a spring? Other than that, these look great!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-01-07

Nice KNEX build very creative.

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