Knex Gyro System Car Updated.





Introduction: Knex Gyro System Car Updated.

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Hi, this is my k'nex gyro system operated car. The whole car is made entirely out of k'nex. It uses about k'nex 250 k'nex parts and 4 k'nex racing wheels. I made the original car from a design that I saw in a car magazine and I used the design it's shape to create my car. The gyro system is made out of two prototype steering mechanisms that didn't work as steering but they were turned around to create the gyro system. A perfect weight balance as well as good orientation make the system operate better without the use of any elastic bands or R.C truck suspension. The whole car has been into many separate parts and each of them has been studied to make them work better and able to be lighter than the previous model. A sturdy and strong under-car chassis which has been upgraded and lightened makes the car more durable when it is being used. When the car's gyro system is not being used, it can adapt to it's normal wheel camber making it move like a normal car. The gyro car will perform better than any of my previous k'nex models on all-terrain surfaces or flat area's due to its' ability to use the gyro system in these situations. The whole car is very light and small but it performs much better than any other car . The car is 29.5cm long and 20cm wide but height is extremely low totaling 7.5cm which makes it the lowest k'nex car with a mechanism on the wheels. The whole time for the modifications was approximately 5 hours and roughly 150 k'nex pieces were added to the car. Parts added: an Pagani Zonda style exhaust for effect. A meaner looking front end for a hot ride look. An engine or parts which are visible on the car. A roof on the middle. More added features will be highlighted on the pictures above. Thank you for viewing this instructable and happy building!



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    This is a great idea! Love the car :) The instructable itself is really good too, your showing major improvement from when you did your first one! :), I really like the description, it seems like it has been really well thought out and it is so much better and more 'professional type' than previous descriptions. Keep up the amazing work!!  I'm sorry I still haven't done much or been on instructables for a while but I have been having some important exams (even now as i'm typing this I have some coursework on a different window) and I have had a load of personal stuff going on so I was unable to be here for a while to see your new things, sorry mate. I hope to be able to find more time to do stuff here and to be able to give you more feedback and support.

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    Thank you for your positive feedback on the car and its description! :P It took ages and I think it was well worth it! Hopefully I will be able to design a set of instructions for the newer version of this car at the end of this month but time..... it's choosing right now. Good luck on your exams and I've got my exams on science , maths ,English and French in a few days. I hope you get great grades and by the time you finish, I might have the new instructions posted! by the way , my favourite instructable of yours is the rally fiesta and I might try building that one! :D

    It's okay & thanks it looks like I'm passing everything to a good standard so far exams wise, good luck to you too! I'm sure you'll get great grades too :D . That Fiesta is definitely the best thing I think I have ever made out of K'nex if I'm honest :D , it took up all my pieces though! :o I definitely would recommend you do build it but there are some durability issues to address; you could post mods maybe :) (reaaaally sorry about the very late reply >:( Time is flying :( )

    Well done! :D its good to hear you got good grades! I will try your fiesta but i might not be able to complete it because i have 2 partially built vehicles and one soon to be posted but the almost finished on might float on water! I had this idea because of a top gear episode. :P Its a small chance a 3.5 kilogram knex car will float but oh well... :) If i make your fiesta, it will have a full makeover lol. By the way i agree that is by far your best one lol!

    How are you getting on with school? and I suggest that you try building the floating car before, and then the fiesta because it uses loads of pieces and that idea is very original.

    iv'e got EXAMS!!! Why do they make people do this??? lol XD but really its ok! K'nex cars are failing though:'( do you want a competition to see if you can build one? inbox=yes!!!

    aww don't worry, with K'nex it's always trial and error or trial and improvement! umm about the competition.... I'm sorry but I don't think I can ATM (feel like hitting myself LOL) but I have too many exam things and stufff :(((( HOWEVER! In the summer holidays I'll try, I mean I won't have much to do so it's definitely possible, but later if you can? :)

    Thanks for understanding :), I do have Facebook but as much as you are a great friend, I don't add that many people (only people who are really close) but I don't add anyone from instructables, and I don't post anything for instructables onto Facebook, sorry.

    definitely the best car i have seen when it comes to physics, leaning when steering *_*

    tip for stabilizing and protection (if you want to ;)): cover all parts concerning the mechanisms.

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    make a bodykit, so it looks better
    reinforce the covering (option to build a bodykit, thats why my typhooncar is so tank-like)

    you could use my bodykit, should fit to it
    (except that it makes the car alot heavier)

    just make sure to build a bodykit ;)