K'nex Gyro System Car.





Introduction: K'nex Gyro System Car.

Hi, this is my k'nex gyro system operated car , which is a first on this site. The whole car is made entirely out of k'nex. It uses about a hundred k'nex pieces and eight k'nex wheels. I made this car from a design that I saw in a car magazine and I used the design and shape to create my car. The gyro system is made out of two prototype steering mechanisms that didn't work as steering but they were turned around to create the system. A perfect weight balance as well as good orientation operate the system without the use of any elastic bands. It's front and back are the same which makes the whole car symetrical. A sturdy and strong under-car chassis makes the car more durable. When the car's gyro system is not being used, it can adapt to it's normal wheel camber making it move easier. The car will perform better than ny of my previous k'nex models on all-terrain surfaces or flat area's. The car is very light and small but it performs much better than any other car of its size. The car is 28cm long and 21cm wide but height is extremely low totaling 7.5cm which makes it the lowest k'nex car with a mechanism on the wheels. Thank you for viewing this instructable and happy building!



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good job!

Nice job! I've never seen something like that before.

Thanks! I designed it so the car can move over all-terrain quicker and without being too bumpy on the cars structure and wheels. If this didn't have a gyro system, it would not be as strong and the wheels will come off. The car will have instructions later and they will have parts list and clear steps.

I hope you like it and please comment constructively!