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Introduction: Knex HBRa3

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Happy new year instructables and I'm coming into 2015 with a BANG! The new HBRa3, my favorite gun I have ever built. This thing is by far (IMO) the best looking and most accurate gun I have ever made. This gun is also featured in COD Advanced Warfare(like my IMR you should check it out as well). This thing in the game was an absolute beast! "Fully automatic. First three rounds of a burst fire faster. Best in class handling."
— In-game description.

Need I say more?

Stats for my gun
Looks beastly
Shoots about 50-60 feet
Removable 15 round mag
VERY comfy
Paneling (did not have enough little green/black rods to finish it)
Accurate sights
Decent pin pull

Front is much heavier than the back because of unfinished paneling

So please tell me EXACTLY what you think!:P

I'm am going to start making more smg like a Mp5 because assault rifles take way to much knex that I don't have.



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    Hey thanks man! Where have you been lately? noticed you haven't been commenting until a few days ago.

    Yeah I used to comment on every knex ible, but I stopped doing that a few months ago. So now I'm catching up :p

    Thanks could you do me a favor and tell me what you think of my new kf5, and about the handle I just can't build a good handle I'm still trying to build a good handle.

    Ohhhhhhh I just now got it lol, glad you like it though:)

    This is extremely good, I have AW and love this gun so it's awesome you made it. Very good job, well done!


    This looks really nice! I think the handle and stock could use some improvement (stock seems a tad too long) but otherwise this is fantastic

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    Thanks man, I know I was disappointed with the stock to. Ran out of peices:(

    Thanks man I'm going to take your advise about smaller guns because you were right these take up way to much knex