Knex HESG(High Explosive Shrapnel Grenade)





Introduction: Knex HESG(High Explosive Shrapnel Grenade)

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Here you go. The first WORKING grenade of its kind!

Step 1: Building It.

 Here you will build the thing.
1. One side. Notice how the red connector is placed, it's like a lock for the exploding part.
2. One of the other sides, pay attention to the yellow rod with greys pointing in.
3. Another view of the body. Notice the grey connector on the top. This is where the pin will attach.
4. Build these.
5. Pin. Like I said before, the thing hanging down is an unwrapped paper clip.
6. Insert the FIRING pin.

Step 2: Priming It.

1. Insert the FIRING pin.
2. Insert the pin and handle(I think that's what it's called)
3. Put in two smaller rubberbands( I'm pretty sure I used #16's)
4. Gather some spacers and 2 y-connectors. This part is optional, but it adds to the shrapnel.
5. Shrapnel ball(lolz).
6. Shrapnel.
7. Insert here and lock.
8. Spacers and y connectors.

Step 3: Now That Instructables Has a Flash Uploader, I Can Show You How to Use It!!!!

Just click on the video. I might be able to upload it to youtube and embed it, but that's for later. If it doesn't work, then well, you might be able to do it yourself. Have fun blowing stuff up! Just don't make your parents mad, because I have a feeling you're just going to say "builder968 did it!"



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     I built something exactly like this awhile back.. LOL!!!

    Great!!!!!! but could you mod it so it uses only knex pieces

    2 replies

     The rubberbands are unavoidable, but you don't need the paper clip, like I said, it's just or looks.

    Oh, ok thanks, I don't mind the rubberbands I didn't like the paperclip. But i just didn't read the description carefully :-)


    What you said,NICE CAT TO!

    Thanks. Molly's with me right now, sitting on my lap.


    Wait!I got a great idea!Im gonna make a knex walker that looks like a cat!

    no problem

    Hey builder, is this the grenade you were talking about? If it is, I'm going to build it tomorrow. It looks great, but I need one of my own to test it first.

    2 replies

    Yep. It use to just be nothing special, but I made it special :)

    Good, I'm building right now.

    Sorry, those were intended for the next step. I'll fix it when I get some time.

    Yeah. I figured that out. But I don't get it; when you pull out the pin, it auto matically shoots. It's more like a gun...