Knex HFC M11 Sub-machine-gun





Introduction: Knex HFC M11 Sub-machine-gun

This is a great little gun, easy to hold, simple to make, and very effective. does not easilly break, and fires as fast as you can pull back the rod. rate and enjoy please. NOTE: this is not ment to look realistic, but is very good in knex battles, and just kewl to make if you havent got much Knex.

Step 1: First Side of Gun.

Make this - pretty easy from instructions. Creatye the first image, then attach the white pegs.

Step 2: Make the Barrel Parts and Attach.

Create these parts, and attach on. then attach two white rods to the end as shown.

Step 3: Start to Make Other Side of Gun.

Like i said: follow the pics.

Step 4: Continued...

Step 5:



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    were is the trigger?

    No trigger you keep pulling the ram back and let go of it to fire and keep pulling it back.

    there is no trigger this is a sub machine gun so it is meant to be shot fast

    no tirgger coz its ment to be fast firing. you can fire it as fast as you can pull the thing back.

    i love this gun
    but i have to modify it for it to work