credit given to knexgeek for the design

Step 1: You Will Need

5x Green
25x White
4x Blue
1x Red
6x Grey
5x Socket

22x green
22x Red
33x Grey
22x Cream
2x Tan
10x Orange
2x Ball

4x Rubber Bands

Step 2: Mchanisim

Step 3: Straps

Step 4: Attaching Straps to Mechanisim

Step 5: Reinforcement

Step 6: Auto Retract

Step 7: More Reinforcements

Step 8: Attaching Rubber Bands

Step 9: Final Product

<p>you should build my assassins creed cane sword</p>
<p><a rel="nofollow"><i>great! going to build! with a little modification i can add the gun and darts from revalations!</i></a></p>
how do i make the blade pop up? or enable it? <br>
sorry about that it was a quick one <br> <br>i wqas only doing the step by step
Well, actually the whole entire thing that attaches around the arm is mine except for the green and red connectors on it. I think I'll make mine look like this but can you please give me credit in the description.
More than that. It looks like almost the whole thing is yours lol.
that is good
It's not his design though. He just added the green and red connectors. I should get credit and so should Zean on KI. I designed the brace which I should get credit for and Zean designed the blade part which he should get credit for.
And the dude off K.I should get credit :)
I agree. He stole the dude's thing off of KI and my whole entire arm connection for it, he just added the red and green connectors.
Too true dude, too true :/
Credits Please You used some of that as my design.
nice! =D

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