Credits: Ironman, Dutchwarlord.

  • Side rail system.
  • Smooth inner barrel, upper, lower, and both sides are smooth.
  • Shoots 35FT using two rubber bands.
  • Magazine holds 7 blue rods.
  • No rear sight.
  • Front sight post.
  • Easy usable mounts.
  • Removable magazine.
  • Long pin/ram rod pull.
  • True trigger style.
  • Very sturdy build quality.

How many yellow connectors does it take
1 million.
<p>This is great, but I think all the rails and stuff make it look front heavy.</p>
na-ha-ice(nice ewe)
i like it bro <br>sorry i guess i was in a really random mood that day
Nice, I like the stock and RIS especially. Might have to try making something myself now, its been a while and my K'nex is calling...
You are still around! OMGoodness, where hast thou been?!?!
In a word... Uni.
...Uni? I am totally confused.
I think he means he is at the university (college).
Well then he might have had the courtesy of doing &quot;UNI&quot; instead of &quot;Uni.&quot;
Why would I capitalise it? Is that a thing?
Its an abbreviation... 0.0 Oh, and BTW, capitalize is spelled with a &quot;z.&quot; XD
Capitalise is spelled with an 's' if you're from where the language was developed.
I am American, so we spell it with a &quot;z.&quot; No worries though, its not a big deal. Tell me, when was the last time you touched your K'NEX? I was just wondering the other day.
Its been a while. Might have to get it out again later.
Please do!
Yes, I have been waiting for you to build another gun. Thank you!
This looks incredible
Thanks! :D
Ya i wish I had enough pieces to build stuff like that
Knex.com sells knex very cheaply. They also have every piece you'll need.
The shipping is Is crazy hight though
Where do you live? XD I have cheap shipping. Hmm
It was $11.00 shipping for me
What!?!?!? ebay is WAY cheaper. If you find the right lot you can buy for as much as knex.com plus more. at knex.com 0.20$ For a Grey rod? Are you kiddding me!
Okay, what ever you say. I just don't trust buying from Ebay or Amazon.
Oops ment to say 20 CENTS.
Not this one. Sorry for the VERY late reply.
Nice.....I like the side rails.....can you checkout my ump 45 (it's not my best)
Thanks man! I sure will!
i hav a crush on those side rails...
Thanks! Ask em out if you need to. ;D
Nah, I'll pass on that one!
Haha, lol they didn't like you anyways. ;)
very nice
Thank you.
your welcome
Not bad, a great replica, but nothing new.
Thanks! :D
Lil' late, but it could have used a pin guide.
this is awesome. wish i could build with k-nex
Thanks! :D Sorry about you not having enough Knex pieces. Maybe for Christmas?
i have no K-nex and i got an airsoft gun so i don't care no more. im gonna make some airsofting ibles so if you like that kinda stuff you can check it out when i make them.
Nice =D
Thank you! Anything your working on?

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