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Introduction: Knex H&K G3 Instructions

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Hello! Here are the instructions for my knex christmas gun: The Heckler&Koch G3 model, some stats:
- doesn't shoot
- looks good
- full size
- removable mags
- moving trigger
- moving charging handle

Step 1: The Handle

Here you'll build the handle. Credit go to Senior Waffleman for the overall shape of the handle, I changed it a bit to fit with my old trigger guard

Step 2: The Mags

Here you'll build the ammo storage container thing, it is removable

Step 3: Stock

You put this on your shoulder, duh!

Step 4: Front Barrel Part 1

This part houses the charging handle

Step 5: Break!

Have an break, or you will be killed by the pain in your fingers!
Go and play some CoD zombies on your Ipod

Step 6: Front Barrel Part 2

This houses the front sight and some extra stuff I think
Read the notes

Step 7: Body Part 1: the Magwell Part

In this part will be the magazine if you put it in: be warned: it's the hardest step of this instructable

Step 8: Body Part 2: the Main Body

The biggest step. This part will have: the handle, trigger, back sight, stock, magwell+mag, etc

Step 9: Putting It All Together!

Phew! almost done, just this final, most funnest step!



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    Sure! If you've built it (if you're gonna do), will you add a photo here? (I'll include it in the ible)

    How many yellow connectors does it take? I want it. Bad. =D

    I thought it was around 120, sorry if that's too much. I don't know for sure.

    Yeah, sorry. You can leave some out by changing the stock (G3A4 style, look it up) an by shortening the barrel a bit.

    How many yellows does the PDR use?

    hi how many pieces do you need for this if you have any time could you write a list thanks!!

    1 reply

    hmm, I destroyed it about an month ago. I only know how many blues and whites (28 white connectors and 18 blue connectors) I think about 100-120 yellow connectors, some hinges ( you can substitute the black and blue hinge in the trigger guard with ball joint and socket..
    Further I don't realy know,. sorry

    awesome de 'snowflakes' worden een beetje lastig denk ik maar misschien gaat het lukken

    8 replies

    Thx, ja de meeste witte kun je wel vervangen door die blauwe ''3D connectors''

    mmm daar heb ook niet veel van die twee zjin voor mij een vloek.
    ik zal binnenkort hem wel proberen.

    ok. die blauwe binnenin op stap 8 foto 11 kun je weglaten, wat al weer 12 scheelt. Die zijn alleen voor wat extra stevigheid. In totaal heb je ongeveer 28 witten en 6 blauwe nodig.

    zonder die 12 blauwe, anders 28 witten en 18 blauwe

    mooi zo dat moet net lukken, alvast een gelukkig new jaar.

    Thanks! And yes, as you said to beanieostrich it looks indead nice!