This is my new "attempted" H&K G36c. I guess I was disappointed with the stock because for the gun to function the part that connects the two parts together had to be pushed back for ram clearance. I was really considering not posting this but I could not resist because it still looks awesome.

40ish feet
Removable mag
The front is dead on
Good trigger

Does not look right
Jams frequently

I hope you enjoyed this and please leave a comment.

I am making a v2 because like I said I am very upset with the stock so keep an eye out.

Step 1: Updated H&K G36c

This is still the same gun but I made the stock better slightly changed the handle, shortened the mag a bit and added better sights. Some stats have changed though.

Longer range 50 feet max
Mag lock
Jams much less (one bullet in every four mags)
Looks more accurate
Better sights

Stock is still a bit flimsy
Ram is very difficult to pull

Hope you like the update!
<p>you are the best</p><p>and this gun is the best</p>
Well I've built better but thanks so much, that really means a lot!
<p>would you mind if i use you barrel idea?</p>
No problem, would you mind me asking what gun your planing to build next?
<p>It is definitely a very decent replica. A great start for sure. The only problems I see are the stock, the grip and the overall messy nature of the external patches. Sure, that last one is something I'm weird about, but that's just me. The stock could use some work, as could the grip, but I only very briefly looked at the pics, so bear with me here...</p>
A bit late but still looks just as epic when I viewed the first time. Great job! I envy you replicate building folk....
<p>Looks good!</p>
Thanks (your my 400th comment)
<p>Yihaa :p</p>
<p>This looks really great; too bad it jams.</p>
Thanks not anymore though
<p>The front bit looks great but the stock doesn't look quite right. Great job!</p>
I know for the gun to function I had to change the stock a bit, I act took the stock off this morning and I'm going to make a v2 because I'm not very happy with this.
<p>Coz your making guns every day!</p>

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