K'nex HK13e Instructions





Introduction: K'nex HK13e Instructions

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

Step 1: Step 1

Easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Add the middle layer
3: Add other outer layer
4: Make sure the slanted middle layer part sits like this

Step 2: Step 2: the Stock

Easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Close up, to show the blue rod locations
3: Close up
4: Close up
5: Add internal parts
6: Add other internals
7: Add other outer layer
8: How that picture 6 part attaches

Step 3: Step 3

Pretty easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Close up
3: Close up
4: The back sight. The red connector between the wheels attaches via a green rod to the green connector
5: Trigger, trigger guard part and mag release. The orange isn't needed to be broken
6: Add internals
7: Add that middle layer and the sight
8: Add internals
9: Attach handle
10: Add the magwell

Step 4: Step 4: Front Barrel / Handguard

Not hard, just follow the pictures
1: Make these. The outer barrel part doesn't need the gray connectors. Makes it look better though
2: Close up
3: Close up
4: Add internals
5: Close up of front internals
6: Close up of rear internals. Don't break your yellow connectors!
7: Add other outer layer
8: Add front sight

Step 5: Step 5: the Magazine

Very easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these. The green rod has some tape
2: Add middle layer and taped green rod
3: Add other outer layer

Step 6: Step 6: Finishing It Up

Just follow the pictures to finish the gun
1: Grab receiver and stock
2 Attach
3: Grab the receiver / stock and the frong barrel / handguard
4: Attach
5: Grab the gun and magwell
6: Attach
7: Make / grab these
8: Attach
9: Rubberband locations

Step 7: Step 7: Optional Charging Handle

Just for fun, follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Attach to gun
3: Other angle

Step 8: Step 8: Finished

You finished the gun.
If you've made it, you can put a picture in the comment, and I'll add your version in this step.
1: That feeling when you finished this gun
2: My version, with bipod



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    Good gun, however you said I suck at building
    Knex guns. I suggest you view my newest gun.

    just looking back at the knex gun community, oh the nostalgia!

    That test was to test the I made it function. I didn't know how it worked. (well, actually, I'm still not sure :| )

    It ONLY works if you have a pic attachted I think.

    That's right, I made it comments require a picture, otherwise it won't let you post it

    Yeah, I just tried the function on one of my 'Ibles. Quite an awesome feature to have though :-)

    Maybe, I haven't really tried that function anywhere else.

    Made it, looks awesome, thanks alot!!