Step 1: Step 1

Easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Add the middle layer
3: Add other outer layer
4: Make sure the slanted middle layer part sits like this

Step 2: Step 2: the Stock

Easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Close up, to show the blue rod locations
3: Close up
4: Close up
5: Add internal parts
6: Add other internals
7: Add other outer layer
8: How that picture 6 part attaches

Step 3: Step 3

Pretty easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Close up
3: Close up
4: The back sight. The red connector between the wheels attaches via a green rod to the green connector
5: Trigger, trigger guard part and mag release. The orange isn't needed to be broken
6: Add internals
7: Add that middle layer and the sight
8: Add internals
9: Attach handle
10: Add the magwell

Step 4: Step 4: Front Barrel / Handguard

Not hard, just follow the pictures
1: Make these. The outer barrel part doesn't need the gray connectors. Makes it look better though
2: Close up
3: Close up
4: Add internals
5: Close up of front internals
6: Close up of rear internals. Don't break your yellow connectors!
7: Add other outer layer
8: Add front sight

Step 5: Step 5: the Magazine

Very easy, just follow the pictures
1: Make these. The green rod has some tape
2: Add middle layer and taped green rod
3: Add other outer layer

Step 6: Step 6: Finishing It Up

Just follow the pictures to finish the gun
1: Grab receiver and stock
2 Attach
3: Grab the receiver / stock and the frong barrel / handguard
4: Attach
5: Grab the gun and magwell
6: Attach
7: Make / grab these
8: Attach
9: Rubberband locations

Step 7: Step 7: Optional Charging Handle

Just for fun, follow the pictures
1: Make these
2: Attach to gun
3: Other angle

Step 8: Step 8: Finished

You finished the gun.
If you've made it, you can put a picture in the comment, and I'll add your version in this step.
1: That feeling when you finished this gun
2: My version, with bipod

<p>Awesome model! I will definitely have to build this sometime. Favorited! :-)</p>
<p>Cheers, glad you like it~</p>
<p>This is great! Try adding my Tech Sight. </p>
It's not slide action anymore it's semi automatic.
Good gun, however you said I suck at building<br>Knex guns. I suggest you view my newest gun. <br>https://m.instructables.com/id/Desert-Eagle-Slide-Action-plus-Removable-Mags/
<p>awesome possum.</p>
<p>awesome possum.</p>
<p>just looking back at the knex gun community, oh the nostalgia! </p>
<p>Test comment</p>
<p>Test (late) reply</p>
<p>Lel<br>That test was to test the I made it function. I didn't know how it worked. (well, actually, I'm still not sure :| )</p>
<p>It ONLY works if you have a pic attachted I think.</p>
<p>That's right, I made it comments require a picture, otherwise it won't let you post it </p>
<p>Yeah, I just tried the function on one of my 'Ibles. Quite an awesome feature to have though :-)</p>
<p>Maybe, I haven't really tried that function anywhere else.</p>
Made it, looks awesome, thanks alot!!
Thanks. You're welcome too :D
The gun looks nice. Good job :)
Thanks :D <br>(nice avatar btw :P )
Or maybe PENTA epicness?
I give u the reward of bossness because u got he 1st result when u search knex.
Nice gun,just wondering if shoots?
Thanks. It doesn't shoot though
Wow featured!? When was the last knex gun featured? Good job! Glad that you were able to be featured!
Yep :D I took a look at what the last gun was that was featured, and it dated<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Smg-3/" rel="nofollow"> from April 28 2012<br> I</a>'m also glad it was featured, but surprised at the same time. Especially that it got 25 favorites.<br> Anyway, thanks =D<br> What are you working on at the moment?
Featured huh? Nice bro. =D
Yep, thanks :D
Thanks for instructions bro =D
You're welcome :D
Could you be a little more specific?
The instructions? I'll see what I can do. If you need help on certain parts, just tell me, and I'll take some extra photos of those parts
congratulations on being featured, it seems like k'nex projects are getting featured less and less. Great gun, looks awesome, I really want to build it once I post the stuff I have now.
Thanks :D <br>Most k'nex projects that get featured are ballmachines and other big projects. <br>Anyway, when you've built it, can you show me a picture, to put in the ible? :P <br>What kind of stuff do you have?
Yeah, I know what you mean, hard to get featured with a few million k'nex at your disposal. I'll try to get around to building it fairly soon, I have a few prior obligations. By the way comment 117 my account (if you get the halo reference, I love that game).
Yep <br>I didn't get the Halo reference, but that's most likely 'cause I never played any of those games
Yes! you finally posted this sexy beast!
=P <br>Glad you like the gun <br>
=P always have
Yay, if only it shot =P
:P If only, indeed. I'm sure it's actually pretty simple to make it shoot, I just don't know how :/
It probably is,congrats on getting featured. That just about never happens.
Thanks :D

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