Knex Plasma Grenade





Introduction: Knex Plasma Grenade

This plasma grenade is similar to that of NackAttack's design. Exept mine looks a bit more like a plasma grenade an it is more powerful. It's filled with blue and silver spacers and has a blast radius of about 1 square metre depending on how hard you throw it :P

Piece List:

16 green connectors
2 white snowflakes
1 thick and thiner elastic bands
some blue and silver spacers

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Step 1: Step 1

just follow these steps to complete it:

Pic 1: wedge the green connectors onto a white snowflake

Step 2: Step 2

just follow these steps to complete it:

Pic 2: make 2 of these
Pic 3: they should look like this

Step 3: Step3

just follow these steps to complete it:

Pic 4: turn them over and fill one half with the spacers
Pic 5: put the other half on top of it

Step 4: Step 4

just follow these steps to complete it:

Pic 6: wrap the elastic bands around it like in the photo
Pic 7: now just throw it XD

Now that your finished please be aware that I am not responsible for your actions...

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    21 Discussions

    I can't even build it!!! It falls apart every time I try to put the stupid rubber bands on!!!!

    5*. Great job. NackAttack did it first, but yours looks a lot better.

    Dude, if you attach a vertical rod on one of the green connectors, you could put it on your belt LOL...

    i threw it and hit my cat and sh ran up the nearest tall thing me FML

    I must have put the elastics on wrong, because it didn't work at all. Part of it just fell off.

    this is just a piece rotation of the knex grenade by nackattack

    this would hurt so bad if you got hit in the genital region with it because it is so solid it is almost like a rock

    holy hit man i put 7 on and they hatered against my walls lol ones stuck in the sheet rock

    this is the most durable knex grenade i have ever made. So there isnt a 50% chance that it will go off in your hand like the other ones.... anyways, its so durable that i can toss it in the air and catch it. I also use only 1 rubber band. I like the simple design, not many pieces are used. Good job.

    Original Message Sent Sat, 14 Jun 2008 at 5:20 PM by Sarge333: Question: how do u wrap the rubber bands around the grenade? every time i try to i just get frustrated because the thing breaks apart. Please help me. Answer: Well, have you seen NackAttack's plasma grenade? It's quite simular. look at step 3. Put 1 thick and strong elastic band like inside the green connector bits on the bottom half of the grenade. put it around all 8 of them. then put the top half on the bottom, making sure the elatic bands hold it togther. look at step 4. you need 8 elastic bands. 1 elastic band goes on 2 of the green connectors on each half,(oppsosits), continue to do this until you have used all 8 elastic bands. after that you've done. if you stil dont understand i'll try and post some more pictures on the instructable. good luck, AZIMUT