This is the guide for the K'nex needler.
Despite looking quite complex, the needler is very simple but is very organic in design as it uses a lot of odd angles.

I loved making this and I loved even more how awesome it looked after finishing it.

If you have any questions about the guide or the gun, just put a comment below.
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Step 1: Main body top piece

This is the top half of the main body, it is a basic frame made of grey rods and many many purple connectors. The back section gets more complicated. 

Step 3: Structure and support

There are a few support pieces for the main body: the handle, the forward 2 bend pieces to hold the front together and 2 pieces which have ball socket pieces  and allow for the front section to be at a odd angle to the connectors of the main body but keeping it perfectly in the middle of the bottom and top body parts.

The handle is meant to be held at the top half which is larger and is held quite comfortably.

Step 4: The front

Picture of The front
The front is quite odd.... It has 2 main parts that five the front its look but barely hold on and needs support.

The front is identical top/bottom except for the orange piece which doesn't change much.

The support pieces slide into the main parts and then go up into the main body where they attach each to 2 places.

The middle piece just sits in there attached to the 2 rods with the grey connectors.

Other than the 2 main supports the 2 front pieces need 4 pegs (white/grey rods with grey connectors) to hold the sides of the front pieces to the ends of the main body.
does it fire
good job
~KGB~3 years ago
looks great