Picture of K'nex Hand Gatling Gun
This is a K'nex hand gatling gun that fires yellow rods nearly 10 foot (thats 284 cm for people in UK)
Its easy to make and use.

My bands shot the rods very hard and fast, so dont aim at anybody!!

this is a problem with the firing mech which was suppost to be a full-Auto, but is a semi-auto.
Requires 2 wind up motors or else it wont turn.

Step 1: Parts You will need

Picture of Parts You will need
you will need:
(Soz about the pictures, they looked fine on my camara)

24 Green rods
10 White/Gray rods
14 blue rods
2 Yellow/Shiny Gray rods (its 6 including the ammo)
1 Tan rod (has to be tan or gun wont fire)

2 orange connectors
16 Gray 1-hole connectors
5 Tan Pin Conectors
4 White Connectors
4 Green Connectors
4 Yellow Connnectors
13 Red Connectors
20 Gray 2-hole Connectors

Other Items:
13 Blue spacers
4 Gray spacers
2 Wind up Motors
4 Rubber Bands (can be short or long)
mine does NOT work!!!!!!!! good atempt sooooo 4*
maxoomen5 years ago
thanks for the instructions
I didn't had a wind up motor so I put an electric motor in it and it works great

(sorry for my bad english, I come from the netherlands

knex_mepalm5 years ago
10 feet is 3 metres? Sounds off ish...
Cool. I can build 3 of these lol.
flamer6006 years ago
great gun. i was lucky to have two motors
NYPA6 years ago
do you need two motors? i only have one.
UZI dude6 years ago
Awesome creation
Great Gun ;)
knexmaniac7 years ago
it needs work. good try
foothead07 years ago
I have a good idea if you get the two motors that connect into 1 controller and you get 2 of those then you could get 4 of these barrel systems and make a revolving gatling gun so it shoots 16 shots in 1 second if you turn both on at the same time
nice gun, but 10 feet is not 28 cm. 1 foot is about 33cm, not 10 feet!
10 ft is about 3.2 m.
anyway, nice idea
ultimatesx9 (author)  agent harmsy7 years ago
soz..... ive fixed that now
oodalumps7 years ago
Hmm... Interesting. I think it would be more fun if you could make it spin with a trigger press, so it could be like a revolver.
acker1237 years ago
This is a K'nex hand gatling gun that fires yellow rods nearly 10 foot (thats 28 cm for people in UK) goooorm!!!!! nice gun though
GreekGuy7 years ago
Awesome gun man
I actually like the tiny barrel idea... I could use it to make a giant turret... Or not. The gun itself is alright, but the barrel is rather innovative.