Knex hand gun which has a slide action which lets your firing pin pull back and load. It also looks like a cool hang gun.

Step 1: The Handle of Gun

This makes it very strong and easy.

Step 2: Barrel of Gun

This Bit is a bit hard you need to get this bit exactly right

Step 3: The Pump of the Gun

This is the hardest bit so be carefull

Step 4: Adding the Bands and Putting It All Together!

Easy bit!!

Step 5: Trigger for Hand Gun

easy as 1.2.3 just tie the end up :D

Step 6: Putting It All Together

easy just slot and click them in
"hang" gun?
I think it's supposed to be <em>hand</em> gun<br/>
no i think your mom is suppose to be a handgun<br>
he probably meant to type hand gun
what it do
it's a slide, not a pump in this case.<br />
lul every time...
You know we can't actually see the box on the inside.
it says &quot;pump action mecanism&quot; <br />
lul every time...
I figured something like that.
Should I post this gun?!?
nar. meaning yeah. but no. yes... wait...
&nbsp;yes its sooooooooooooooo awesome<br /> <br />
There is no point putting a box inside a box- there is no way you can view what it says.
it says pump action mechannism
lol same as the other indstructable!
That post was two and a half years ago, you think I care?!
sup knexguy I agree. its friggin annoying. don't you wonder what it says?
pump action mechanism
Somehow Dsman knows what it says, scroll down a bit.
there's an addon for firefox that allows you to change the size of images. in this case, if you use the option to shrink on a note box, it will shrink the note out of the way...
it is so anoying when they do that
that is one bad fail &quot;hang gun&quot; WTF? <br>i know you you HAND gun but it's still bad fail
lol i can remove the box with my firefox add on it does say pump reloading system dsman was right!
What's the name of that addon? Does it work for earlier versions than FF3? Sounds kinda useful.
i have it on firefox 2.<br/><br/>heres the link:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/951">https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/951</a><br/>
this rocks<br /> <br />
Oh, cool! That's a pretty interesting addon :P
does it <em>hang </em> the enemy?<br/>
I think he means <em>hand</em> gun<br/>
how did you do that?
{ }
dang this hang gun looks awsome :P
this gun is pretty cool man
need more pics!!!
who you
nice gun
cool gun how dus the triger worck
how is it a hang gun?
does the slide work?
it is hand not hang in the title
I am confused about what you really want to call this thing. You seem to use "Hang Gun" more often than "Hand Gun," leading me to believe you want it to be called a hang gun. Meh.

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