it has been along time since i have opened my bin of knex and this is what i built. i will let the public chose if i should post this. but remember the higher the rating the more likely i will post it rate,comment,and subscribe

way too simple of an idea its no better than a single barreled pistol with a magazine and no real limit to the shots possible. i respect that u thought to do this but u should elaborate on it and repost a nicer looking gun perhaps with a magazine so that u have a double pistol essentially (if u dont soon i think i will)
I might improve it but most likely not I don't have it anymore and I and trying to sell my Knex if you want to improve it go ahead my goal with this was to put a hole through cardboard and both bullets made it through every time. Thanks for the respect but I am going to build a way better gun than this so just wait up for that or improve this one but I plan to build a rifle like gun
sounds awesome i cant wait to see the new gun!
No promisises I want to get to it but I might not
oh :( , thats okay it would just be pretty cool if its as high quality design as most all of your other stuff.
Looks nice!<br>I would like to build it.<br>You should post it. =3
i will post it when it hits 4.50*
nice gun <br>its like a pistol with moded ammo and two barrles
thanks did you rate and subscribe
please add comments for things to make this gun better or ideas for my next build
there is a new upgrade for this gun but it is not posted yet

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