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Introduction: Knex Heart-Bow

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This is a knex bow that is shaped like a heart. Most people that make knex bows try to make them look like a bow and shoot really far. This bow can shoot far, but instead of making it look like a bow, why not make it look like something that is real. With Valentines Day around the corner I decided to make it look like a heart. This is the result. Hope you have fun building it!

Step 1: Parts Count

These are the pieces you will need for the bow:


Red - 29


Green - 8

White - 21

Grey - 1


Rubber Band - 1

Step 2: The Top and Sides

Pic 1: Make this small part.

Pic 2: Add this to the part.

Pic 3: Snap on white rods.

Pic 4: Put this on the end.

Step 3: Bottom

Pic 1: Add a red connector to the sides.

Pic 2: Back view.

Pic 3: Put these on the bottom.

Pic 4: Put these here.

Pic 5: Add white rods on them.

Step 4: Making It Stronger

In this step the picture notes will tell you what to do.

Step 5: Arrow and Firing

Pic 1: Make the arrow.

Pic 2: Slide the arrow in the front.

Pic 3: Slide the arrow farther in.

Pic 4: Top view.

Pic 5: Pull back, aim, and let go.

Step 6: Done

Now you can give a "heart attack" (attack with a heart) or you can shoot something from the bottom of your heart.

Have fun!



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