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Introduction: K'nex Heart for Valentines Day

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This is a heart with a difference, it's made entirely out of k'nex. It uses barely any pieces.

plz vote in the valantines day contest.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list:


White- 14
Blue- 1


Red- 14
Green- 2
Black/White (I chose black)- 8


Blue spacer (picture)- 4

Total- 43

Step 2: The Base

The first step, the base


1- Make this
2- Make it's twin
3- Clip them together like so:
4- Add blue spacers

Step 3: Stand

The Easiest part


1- The stand
2- Another view

Step 4: The Heart

The hardest part.


Part 1 (the right artium):

1- Make this (front view)
2- Side view
3- Back view

Part 2 (the left artium):

4- Make this (back view)
5- Side view
Almost the same as right half.

Part 3 (the ventricles)

6- Make this (front view)
7- Bottom view
8- Top view
9- Side view

Thats the hardest part done.

Step 5: Heart Assembly

Follow the notes.


1- All you should have
2- Attach right artium (part 1) to the ventricles (part 3) like so:
3- Attach left artium (part 2) to the rest like so

Now the assembly.

Step 6: Assembly

Almost done.


1- What you should have
2- Slide blue spacers onto heart like so:
3- Attach stand
4- Put on base
5- Finished yay!

Step 7: Finished


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1- Finished
2- Coming soon (a bit late I know)
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Thanks for making it.



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    18 Discussions

    I tried and tried to make it . I can't tell what is happening with the pictures.

    Step 4 part 1 right ATRIUM
    Step 5 part 2 ATRIUM
    Step 4 part 2 left ATRIUM

    Ill subscribe you back and nice job, I plan on piggybacking this to love. Anyway, hoiw easy is the heart able to break?

    2 replies

    No offence or anything, but how did this get 33 votes?!?!

    Have you been making accounts and voting for it?

    2 replies

    mm, we already have 2 of these and I like em better actually but I gotta say this is good, after all you only have 2 instructables

    4 replies

    I like this one better than the other two, because it doesn't use a shitload of pieces.