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Just posing instructions on my heavy cannon, it uses a lot of pieces sadly but gets ok range with the heavy round and amazing range with finned rounds. So get building!

Step 1: Wheels and Axel

Picture of Wheels and Axel

follow pics

Step 2: Stand and Assembly

Picture of Stand and Assembly

Follow pics

Step 3: Ammo Loading and Firing

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krwchampion2 (author)2013-06-24

parts list please

bboy321321 (author)2012-12-12


~KnexBuild~ (author)2011-12-22

How do you load it with all the blue rods in the way?

Knexman15 (author)2011-08-05

I am going to get 13 POUNDS!!! of knex in about a week so I will build this soon Awsome Job 4.5*

Knexman15 (author)Knexman152011-08-06

okay, until i get my 13 pounds of knex, I'll try make as much as i can and i have about 2 thirds of the barrel done and one wheel. i cant wait for more knex!

Super Shooter (author)2011-02-20

I like how that barrel design is strong, but it makes it difficult to pull back the rubber bands. also, there is no picture that shows the entire cannon.

Ya it is difficult and did you build it or assume it form the pics.

hedzup456 (author)2011-01-23

looks like I_A_Cs but woth slightly different F/s

KnexFreak360 (author)hedzup4562011-01-23

I dont know what you mean by f/s

hedzup456 (author)KnexFreak3602011-02-03

Firing system

KnexFreak360 (author)hedzup4562011-02-03

O lol its kinda like it but less pieces and a smaller round

~KGB~ (author)2011-01-21


KnexFreak360 (author)~KGB~2011-01-21


~KGB~ (author)KnexFreak3602011-01-21

no prob

An Villain (author)2011-01-21

Cool. 5* for posting.

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