Step 6: Trigger system

This is the trigger system. It is relatively complicated, probably the most so on this cannon. It has to be able to hold a great deal of weight in two stages. First, while you are loading, the elastics are wrapped around the red rods at the back, so the must be very secure. Once the bullet is at the back and locked in, all the elastic pull is put on it, so it too, has a very secure holding mechanism. It is released by simple bulling back the large knob on top. If you didn't get that, don't worry, there will be better explanations later on.

This step has been split up into a few smaller substeps for your convenience.
1: What you are about to make
2: Build this little part
3: Then make this
4: Another view of that thing. There are blue spacers on every yellow rod
5: A view from the bottom. Make sure that all the rods are lined up
6: Build this
7: And tape it up. Make sure the tape is not obstructing the hole
8: Make this little guy
9: That thingy upside-down
10: Another view....
11: A view from the back...
12: From the top...
13: Add the pin to that weird thingy with a blue rod and a blue cap (can be tan)
14: Put the handle on top
15: A view of that connection. Make sure all the rods are lined up and attached in there correct places
16: Put it on that thing you made first
17: Now make this. It is the upper part of the back of the slide
18: A view of the end
19: And from below
20: A view from a different angle. Remember the whites on the end
21: The lower back slide. Prettymuch the same
22: A view from the end
23: A view from an angle again
24: The biggest chunk of this mechanism. Your about to make it
25: Make this back part. Remember those pieces inside
26: A view of the back of the back part
27: Looking inside it for a better view
28: Looking inside the top for a better view of that
29: the other part of the main mechanism. There are blue and white rods on all of the yellow connectors.
30: Just so you can see that
31: A close up of the front
32: A close up of the top (upside down)
33: The top from the back (still upside down)
34: The bottom (close up and upside down)
35: Just so you can see the whites
36: The back part and the main part
37: And that connected. Yay!
38: Added the knob thingy
39: Added the bottom slide...
40: That connection....
41: Added the top slide
42: And a close up of that connection
43: Looking down that barrel
44: Add an elastic on top. It should only be strong enough to pull the knob all the way down, no more.

Sorry about that step being atrotiously long. Lol.
OZKNEX222 years ago
My fingers are killing me right now
photo six on step 6: most difficult peice on the planet to build XD
spazgadget3 years ago
I finished this step! It actually is not as Painful as people say it is! All i need to do now is finish the bow!
I_am_Canadian (author)  spazgadget3 years ago
Beauty! Let me know when you're finished!!
builder9684 years ago
Step 6 hurts so much! ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!! Anyway, my thumbs fell like they were thrown into the cracks of Doom and then stabbed multiple times. The only thing that makes me want to go on is the fact that it looks like its smooth sailing froom here. Then I get to blow my backyard to hell.
arf2005 years ago
i cant feel my thumb still not done builing the triger
i use pliars
I feel like my thumb has had three liters of tequila and mij pointer has had that same amount yesterdaynight
FINALLY done this step!!! i cant feel my thumbs any more :(
Better than painful thumbs I guess...
harmenator5 years ago
pic 29 I run out of yellow connectors what of this is really needed?
never mind, I borrowed some from a friend
smattman225 years ago
jesus christ i cant figure this out!
I don't know what you are complaining about.
I also didn't understand it first but just start building and you'll get it.
harmenator5 years ago
I made a better handle because the original one is impossible to put in!
And its more easy to build and uses less parts!
smattman225 years ago
someone freaking reply!
gamingman6 years ago
This step needs to be used in prison as a torture device. OWWWWWWWWWWWCH!
I_am_Canadian (author)  gamingman6 years ago