My heavy cannon version 2. Okay some pros 300ft range, portable, deploy able, and stopping power.

***UPDATE 11/1/11***
I am currently just finishing up a handheld version of this gun which is by the way so awesome. Some features of the handheld version will be a true trigger, smaller size, same size ammo, and distance. The new version will also be a bit more piece friendly. It will be posted on 11/8/11 which is exactly 1 year after I had posted my first ever Instructable, and joined instructables!
keels on wheels
looks like nothing but a pack of pain!<br><br>Im gonna attempt to make this! Just need to find out how the mech is made
But if you really want this mech go to my heavy cannon instructable where it has auctal instructions it will show how to make the mech there
If i were you id wait until the triggered version came out.
wtf do u need to stop a rhino?
It is good, but I do not have nearly this many pieces.
now thats epik!
Thanks, you have always been very positive about my guns.
no prob, your quite good at them =D
wow thanks that means a lot. =&gt;
Lol that looks both f**ked up and genius at the same time.
One way to put it. :-P
Same mech?
Oh yea, I WAS FIRST!!! HAHAHA *Farts on ur face*
Awsome 4.5*.
Awesome. 5*

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