Knex Heavy Crossbow





Introduction: Knex Heavy Crossbow

About: Hey everyone, welcome to my Instuctable, or my Instructables page. Well I hope you like what you see and if you do, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. I like to build just about anything from airsoft guns to fishing...

My heavy cannon version 2. Okay some pros 300ft range, portable, deploy able, and stopping power.

***UPDATE 11/1/11***
I am currently just finishing up a handheld version of this gun which is by the way so awesome. Some features of the handheld version will be a true trigger, smaller size, same size ammo, and distance. The new version will also be a bit more piece friendly. It will be posted on 11/8/11 which is exactly 1 year after I had posted my first ever Instructable, and joined instructables!



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    looks like nothing but a pack of pain!

    Im gonna attempt to make this! Just need to find out how the mech is made

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    But if you really want this mech go to my heavy cannon instructable where it has auctal instructions it will show how to make the mech there

    If i were you id wait until the triggered version came out.

    wtf do u need to stop a rhino?

    It is good, but I do not have nearly this many pieces.

    Thanks, you have always been very positive about my guns.

    no prob, your quite good at them =D

    wow thanks that means a lot. =>

    Lol that looks both f**ked up and genius at the same time.

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