Knex Heavy Pistol


Introduction: Knex Heavy Pistol

This is my knex heavy pistol. It can hold up to five bullets in the mag and can fire about thirty feet. Let’s get going to the instructions

Step 1: The Body

Step 2: The Handle

Step 3: Miscellaneous Parts

Pic 1: Side Panels
Pic 2: Trigger
Pic 3: Ammo
Pic 4: Ram Rod
Pic 5: Mag pusher

Step 4: Assembly and Banding

Step 5: Firing

To fire this gun, it is very simple. First you load the five bullets into the mag. Then you pull the firing pin back until the trigger clicks into place. And then, of course, you pull the trigger



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    Sorry about the random picture there. My sister was doing an instructable at the same time and the pictures from hers kept loading In on mine. That one did not show up when I was creating this instructable.