Should I post an instructable?
NOTE: grey rod for size is comparison NOTE: uses a ratchet system and rubber bands running inside barrel
YES I do know that the kv-1 is a badass tank in wot blitz (platoon with me username- Viperhawknation )

Step 1: Scope Random Parts of Frame

Four of these
One of these

Step 2: The Rest of the Scope

Do it in the order shown

Step 3: Put It Together

Just do it
I allready took it apart sorry I forgot that u wanted instructions<br>But check out my new project
<p>I like the mag pusher. :D</p>
U can build my slingshot sniper it's better anyhow
Corgi if u like the scope check out my spiral scope
<p>I have seen the spiral scope, it looks pretty cool.</p>
U will make it ? There IS better out there u know
Lol it might be a while<br><br>
<p>You should definitely post. If you do, I will make it.</p>
Yea lol
<p>Cool, but if I were you I would shorten the title of the ible, it seems a bit long. I like how there are cross hairs on the scope, that is pretty nice.</p>

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