Knex Heckler & Koch MP5K





Introduction: Knex Heckler & Koch MP5K

A few pictures of my MP5K, should I post instructions? Suggestions would also be helpful.

Pros: Powerful
Shoots consistently
Good looks
Working mag release
Curved mag

Cons: Handle is a little flimsy
No Trigger guard



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    Its a bit oversized,the mag is too long but otherwise its ok.

    i think the public and I would be grateful if you post instructions...if you can't, that's fine with me.

    Very good model of the gun in my opinion. The only things I have to add are, you should try and make a trigger guard for it and try CuddlesMCT's mag. The guy's mag I mentioned has an internal mag pusher, and is easier to reload with. Although to make his mag, there can be no curve in it. Other than that terrific job. 5*s.

    Thanks! I've tinkered with a trigger guard for about an hour and couldnt figure out anything that was comfortable and looked good. I'll also look up that mag you mentioned.

    I agree with Raz1r Knex Bull3t.
    Maybe you can make the ''thingy'' that sticks down on the fron (directly under the front sight, see pic 2) a bit longer.
    For the rest: you delivered an awesome replica! Keep up the good work =D

    I'll make the grip guard in front a bit longer, I also changed the front sight and it looks more like the real thing now.

    Its a bit bulky for an mp5k, other than that, it looks good =D

    Yeah I'll admit that it came out a little big, but thank you though lol.