Hello everybody.
This is my new profile and some of you know me as BRAMMETJE. But this is my first instructable on this profile. I've build a PSG-1! This is a gun which uses a lot of pieces so be aware.

Looks good =P
Post! PLZ!!!!
*sigh* it's long posted
it looks very nice (is it stable to)
niceeee<br><br>bo inspired?
a little part from GTRAIN because of the trigger mechenism inside the body:D but the rest is all made by me
I mean inspired by Black ops
You mean Metal Gear Solid.
oh like that, yes you're right:D
Will you be posting?
sure but it will take some time:D
Finally, somebody has made a decent replica. Haven't seen one for a few months, great work :)
thanks man I appreciate that but instructions are coming soon but the range isn't that good:( srry
looks great!
thats pretty cool 4.5*

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