K'nex Heckler & Koch SL8 Replica





Introduction: K'nex Heckler & Koch SL8 Replica

Right, I took that piece of rubbish I had and I tore the top and front parts off, redesigned them, built them and attached them.
Now, it looks a lot more like the actual thing although it doesn't fire, but what would be the point of that anyway, no new ideas so why waste parts?

The rail at the top can be modified to hold accessories easily and so can the lower part of the barrel.
I made the magazine bigger to match the picture bigger although it doesn't go in as far as mine but if the port was too shallow, the magazine would fall out.
There is now an cocking pin at the top which slides back and can be accessed from either side if you're right-handed (normal) or left-handed ('different').
The plastic sights are pretty plain, but with the rail at the top, you could add different types of sights.

Time for pictures.



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    This actually one of my favorite guns and I could never find a good knex one......bit this one looks amazing.....nice job

    Yeah, Its a great model, but you should really make it shoot. And ____ you. Calling us 'different' *sulks away and starts to sob*.

    im a leftie!

    Yay! Lets make a group!

    lol, really?

    Also, left handed people are naturally better at video games. IDK why.

    lol, im really good at video games!

    Yeah I know. Its so annoying when my (right handed) friends come round and they play on the Wii and they say the controls are crap and too sensitive, when I can handle it just fine, THEN they blame the Wii, and say it sucks and Xbox and the PS3 is much better.

    ps3 and xbox suck....PC AND WII RULE!!