Knex Hidden Blade





Introduction: Knex Hidden Blade

I was playing Assassin's Creed the other day and I really wanted one of those awesome Hidden Blades, so I made one out of K'nex. It uses a low amount of pieces, it's easy to conceal and the blade locks in place when it's out, so it can be really dangerous.

Step 1: Required Pieces

Rods :
2x Grey Rods
3x Bendy Grey Rods (Purple)
1x Green Rod

Connectors :
1x Light Grey Connector
1x Orange Connector
9x Red Connectors
5x Tan Connectors

Other :
A Rubber Band
29x Blue Spacers
You can replace 3 Blue Spacers with 1 Grey Spacer, but you need to have at least 5 Blue Spacers.

Step 2: The Base

This is the base of the Hidden Blade. It's very simple.

Step 3: The "Blade".

These are the two types of blades, but if you use a sharpened blade then it easily gets caught in the trigger and jams. You only need to build one.

Step 4: Putting It All Together.

The final instructions to getting it all together.

1: Put the Blade into the Base.
2: Attach the Rubber Band.
4: The "straps". If you don't have wrists as skinny as mine, well, I can't think of anything. You can find a way to make them wider. =P



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    My wrist doesnt fit the flexi-rod holes.
    Any ideas on how to make them bigger?

    your creation is very creative :D
    can you look at some of my creations :D

    awesome i aint made it yet but it lookz siiiiiik

    i have no right to say this because this is my first post and i have no ibles cause i got no camera
    but sir u fail 3/5 tho for concept

    how did you do it i cant get a lock or launch

    Havent even made it yt but looks siiiik! :D

    this is awsome i just made it and cant stop using it!!!

    hey thanks ive been looking 4 an easy guide to makeing one of these...YOU ROCK DUDE!!!

    sweet mine can't lock(my own)(not this one) so how does this one lock? im gona try 2 figger it out..................

    Hey Im new here but I was looking for hidden blades I built it and rebuilt the Piece that holds the blade to your Arm using two arm bands and a couple more rods and connecters the arm bands hold tightly to my arm and works great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post pictures later.

    its basicly a gun with no ammo and an oversized ram.. but any way cool idea

    good to make

     i modified this a little bit to use less pieces but on the bright side great blade

    if the inventors of these toys submit them to lego and k'nex they could makr millions

    make an instructable 4 tht plz plz plz plz