Introduction: Knex Hit N' Miss or Steam Engine

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It can be either. Took me 40 minutes to make, it should only take you 5 or 10.

Step 1: The Flywheel

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The second most important part. Make two of these with the exact parts. please note that you have to have the white counterweights matching the opposite wheel on the other side of the shaft.

Step 2: The Crankshaft

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This is the most important part, use the exact same parts, no shortcuts.

Step 3: Flywheel Stand.

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This will keep the flywheel from rubbing.

Step 4: The Cylinder.

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This will keep the piston (long rod) in one position. it can be made of 2 sided connectors, the half discs, and full discs. it must be 16 pieces long and have a hole all the way threw. 

Step 5: Connect the 2

Picture of Connect the 2

connect them with a long grey rod and a swivel. DONE


TheRoyalJester (author)2012-06-08

does this even work

rk_shirey (author)TheRoyalJester2012-06-08

not on air, i have a vid on youtube. look up rkshirey

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