Hey guys,
I'm back, well for a while anyway. So do any of you remember the game Hit the Spot? I used to play it when I went to my grandparents house. If you don't remember it, the point was to get the ball to the top by moving the bars apart. It's a simple game, but takes some practice to get down. Anyway, I ran across it the other day and made it out of knex.

So here it is. The knex Hit the Spot game. Tell me what you think.
this thing is pretty cool!
<br>killer safecracker,do you play guitar?I saw one in the main picture.I play classical guitar.Please reply soon.
Yeah I play pretty much all types of guitar except classical. I can play just about anything with strings.
Hello K~SC. Do you still do knex? If so, are you working on anything?
I sadly don't have enough time anymore. I do however want to come back and post some new stuff but as well as not having the time I seem to be fresh out of ideas.
Ok. I think we all get an time where that happens.
i dont get how it works
(Late, but better late than never) You put a ball on/between those yellow bars. Than you just move them in &larr;&rarr; directions to guide the ball to the top
Hit the spot, LOLD
cool <br>
someone pleas tell me how to make this
I always knew it as &quot;Shoot the moon&quot; :-)<br><br>Anyway, very well built! I'm very impressed, as always.
Great!<br><br>Your stuff ALWAYS looks so clean and well designed.
Thanks, that's what I go for.
I remember this game, its on that gam where you have to get the marble to the ell before time runs out. Or at least a version of tis is. This looks great, 5*
&quot;Hit the spot&quot; game sounds inappropriate for a family-friendly game.
Hit the G-Spot. Now that's a game I would play.
Still sounds very inappropriate lol.
Cool! I've never even heard of this game. :-P
Haha it's kinda old. At least the one I played with. You doing anything with knex now days??
Yeah, I was building a ball machine, but I'm thinking of tearing it down and building something else.
cool, are you going to post instructions or a video of you playing it?
Nice! :)
Why dont you comment any more?
School, friends, my band, and life. Just don't have much time for knex. Kinda like all the old knexers.
Cool =D 5*
Nice invention, glad to see some of the pros are coming back this year!

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