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Introduction: Knex Hit the Spot Game

Hey guys,
I'm back, well for a while anyway. So do any of you remember the game Hit the Spot? I used to play it when I went to my grandparents house. If you don't remember it, the point was to get the ball to the top by moving the bars apart. It's a simple game, but takes some practice to get down. Anyway, I ran across it the other day and made it out of knex.

So here it is. The knex Hit the Spot game. Tell me what you think.



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    killer safecracker,do you play guitar?I saw one in the main picture.I play classical guitar.Please reply soon.

    Yeah I play pretty much all types of guitar except classical. I can play just about anything with strings.

    Hello K~SC. Do you still do knex? If so, are you working on anything?

    I sadly don't have enough time anymore. I do however want to come back and post some new stuff but as well as not having the time I seem to be fresh out of ideas.

    Ok. I think we all get an time where that happens.

    i dont get how it works

    (Late, but better late than never) You put a ball on/between those yellow bars. Than you just move them in ←→ directions to guide the ball to the top