Introduction: Knex Hole Puncher

This is a collaboration project between Me and Hiyadudez.

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As you may have already noticed, it is a hole puncher.

This cool little gadget is an essential on your desk/workplace. It is a 2-holed puncher  that is activated by pushing your hand on the top, which makes 2 perfect holes in the paper. It does this with two slightly sharpened rods. Also, there's a little tray in the back which can hold stuff like business cards, pencils, rulers, scissors, or even lollipops.

Also, this was featured on Geekosystem. :-D

EDIT: This reached 4.50* And yes, I know it's 5* now, but it got to 4.5 under the old rating system.

Here's a video of the hole puncher in action:

We hope you like it!

Step 1: Gather the Pieces

Here's all of the pieces you'll need to build the 2-hole puncher.


Rods: 163

  • green- 105
  • white- 39
  • blue- 8
  • yellow- 6
  • red- 5

Connectors: 118

  • dark gray- 28 
  • light gray- 0!
  • red- 8
  • green- 4 
  • yellow- 17
  • white- 10
  • orange- 12
  • blue- 7
  • purple- 32

Other: 109

  • Hinges- 2 (4 pieces)
  • Small domes/wheels- 2
  • Blue spacer- 61
  • Silver spacer- 18
  • Y-clips- 23
  • 1 thick rubber band

End connectors: 5

  • Tan clip- 4
  • Metallic blue clip- 1

Total: 395

You'll also need something to sharpen rods, like a pencil sharpener or sandpaper.

If you have all of these pieces, then let's get crackin'!

Step 2: The Base, Part 1

Now that you have your pieces together, you're ready to build. To start off, let's build Part 1 of the base. Make sure to place all of the pieces exactly like they are in the pictures. Also, pay attention to the image notes.

Step 3: The Base, Part 2

This step is super easy. Just build what is in the picture.

Step 4: Combining Parts 1 and 2 of the Base

Now that you've built Parts 1 and 2, put them together. There should be a thin space in between the top and bottom parts. This is where the paper will slide into.

Step 5: The Back

Now it's time to build the back of the hole puncher. You'll need your thick rubber band in this step. Put it on exactly like it is in the pictures.

Step 6: Combining the Back to the Base

Let's combine the back to the base. Again, make sure the rubber band in your model is placed exactly like the one in the pictures.

Step 7: The Puncher

Now that you're done with the base, you're going to build the puncher (yes, I can't think of a better name for it XD). It consists of parts A and B. Get your pencil sharpener or sandpaper out, because you'll need it to sharpen the two white rods. Refer to the 7th picture to see how much you should sharpen it. After you build them, you'll combine the two Parts.

Step 8: Combining the Puncher to the Base

Now you'll combine the base and the puncher. Make sure everything is lined up. Don't put the rubber band onto the hinges yet. It may be difficult to attach some parts on the inside, but you'll just have to get your fingers in there and snap 'em in. And make sure the two sharpened rods are in the connector's holes.

Step 9: The Bottom, Part 1

Now you'll build the bottom, part 1. It's very easy.

Step 10: Combining Part 1 of the Bottom to the Model

Now that you've built part 1 of the bottom, attach it to the model. The three y-clips will go into the slot on the blue connector (picture 3 shows this in detail).

Step 11: The Bottom, Part 2

Build Part 2 of the bottom. Pretty easy.

Step 12: Combining Part 2 of the Bottom to the Model

Combine Part 2 of the Bottom to the rest of the model. The 5 Y-clips are the only things that connect to anything. It rests on top of Part 1 of the Bottom.

Step 13: The Holding Tray

This is the tray that will hold stuff. This is an easy step.

Step 14: Combining the Tray to the Model

Now you'll attach the tray to the back of the model. And you'll finally get to put the rubber band onto the hinges.

Step 15: The Front

This little section will make the front of your hole puncher look and work much better.

Step 16: Combining the Front to the Model

Put the front on the model in front of the puncher.

Step 17: The Orange Things

I can't think of a better name for this, so it's called: The Orange Things. There's also the black wheels attached to white rods. This stuff is just there for looks and comfort.

Step 18: Combining the Orange Things to the Model

You're almost done! Just attach the Orange Things and wheels to the model.

Step 19: Finished!!!

Congrats, you are now done with our 2-hole puncher!!!! Now that you're done, you'll want to use it. So, get some paper and punch the holes in it (pictures below). It doesn't really matter what type of paper you use, but don't use something that's too thick (like cardboard). Of course, you can sharpen the rods more to make it punch through cardboard or more sheets of paper. :-)

Have fun punching holes in paper!

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Will this work without sharpened rods?

Shadowman39 made it!(author)2016-06-27

Most likely yes, it just might not punch holes as well as sharpened rods.

The+Knex+Inventor made it!(author)2016-07-18

Neat! I will try that.

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Sounds good! You can just post them in a comment if you want, it'll be easier than a PM.

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