This is a collaboration project between Me and Hiyadudez.

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As you may have already noticed, it is a hole puncher.

This cool little gadget is an essential on your desk/workplace. It is a 2-holed puncher  that is activated by pushing your hand on the top, which makes 2 perfect holes in the paper. It does this with two slightly sharpened rods. Also, there's a little tray in the back which can hold stuff like business cards, pencils, rulers, scissors, or even lollipops.

Also, this was featured on Geekosystem. :-D

EDIT: This reached 4.50* And yes, I know it's 5* now, but it got to 4.5 under the old rating system.

Here's a video of the hole puncher in action:

We hope you like it!

Step 1: Gather the Pieces

Here's all of the pieces you'll need to build the 2-hole puncher.


Rods: 163

  • green- 105
  • white- 39
  • blue- 8
  • yellow- 6
  • red- 5

Connectors: 118

  • dark gray- 28 
  • light gray- 0!
  • red- 8
  • green- 4 
  • yellow- 17
  • white- 10
  • orange- 12
  • blue- 7
  • purple- 32

Other: 109

  • Hinges- 2 (4 pieces)
  • Small domes/wheels- 2
  • Blue spacer- 61
  • Silver spacer- 18
  • Y-clips- 23
  • 1 thick rubber band

End connectors: 5

  • Tan clip- 4
  • Metallic blue clip- 1

Total: 395

You'll also need something to sharpen rods, like a pencil sharpener or sandpaper.

If you have all of these pieces, then let's get crackin'!
<p>lawl, thats great</p>
<p>Will this work without sharpened rods?</p>
<p>Most likely yes, it just might not punch holes as well as sharpened rods.</p>
<p>Neat! I will try that.</p>
Hey dude I'm a Christian too!<br />
Cool!<br />
ME TOO!!!!!
Why do you reply twice to things? :-P
to make it 20% cooler.
That would make it 200% cooler. :-P
but that is impossible :O
me too!!! <br>I heard that k'nextream is too!!
Btw, 5*<br /> <br />
Thanks!<br />
This is so cool!
PUNCH HOLES w/ this!<br /> <br />
that [is very] funny[!]
that is plane awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
i don't really care but good eye
<br />
8) 8-) :) B) :D 8D BD ;) c(: :)
That's funny.
visit meh knex gun everyone!<br />
dude<br /> <br /> THT RULES!<br />
lol thank u<br />
&quot;If you have all of these pieces, then let's get crackin'!&quot; <br>how about &quot;let's get punching&quot;? <br>haha
Good one. :-P
I know! C: <br>:D hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
hehe! <br>:-)
how do I rate? ***** man!!!! <br>you are awesome!!!!!!!
Ratings are disabled nowadays. Thanks!
video does not exist
Yeah, it was uploaded on Hiyadudez's Youtube channel, but he deleted the channel. :-(
oh. :-(<br>why???
He said that he made a mistake deleting it.
but why??
You'll have to ask him for details, but I think he forgot that all his Knex videos were on there and thought the channel was useless.
0 light gray connectors is too much. I dont have that many.
That's too bad. :-(
Bulit it!!!
Cool! Do you have any pictures?
No,but I'll make some and send them in a pm plus theres some mods to.
Sounds good! You can just post them in a comment if you want, it'll be easier than a PM.
Alright then, :)
Where do the little paper circles go after they are punched? Do they land in the tray? Perhaps when I build this I should make a tray to catch the annoying little circles.

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