Hello fellow knexers and this is my new knex hunting rifle. ill be quick so here are some pros and cons.
Looks realistic
Scope ( my red dot scope from a previous instructable)
4 round mag
Range is only 30 feet
Trigger guard is a little small

But that's it remember to subscribe and favorite
Please drop a comment telling me what you think :{)
<p>it looks staggeringly alot like my https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Super-Sniper-SS/</p>
<p>Nice Job!! Instructions?</p>
Sorry man already took it apart its really simple if you look at the pics
<p>No worries!</p>
That Is a good idea I am actually a big hunter knex is just a hobbie I am on a shooting team where we shoot trap rifle and archery. I hunt deer dove Turky coyote quail and duck. I will probly build a thrower next. Thanks for the suggestion
<p>Looks good!</p>
<p>Looks cool! I like the stock. :D</p>
Thanks the stock is very comfortable

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