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Introduction: K'nex Hydraulic Arm

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Here I will show you how to make a hydraulic arm that i had to make for my grade 9 tech class. Not i have to post this instructable so that i don't lose a crap-load of my marks. Here you go Mr. Arding! Now, let's give Mr. Arding a warm welcome.

Step 1: The Base

Here i will show you how to make the base.

Step 2: Arm 1

This is the arm that does no move and holds onto the base to support the claw and the second arm.

Step 3: Connecting Arm 1 to Base

Here we will connect what we have to the base.

Step 4: Arm 2

Here we will make the second arm. This is the arms that moves.

Step 5: Connecting Arm 2 to Arm 1

Here we will connect the first arm to the second arm.

Step 6: Arm 2 Hydraulics

Here we will connect the hydraulics from arm 2 to the soon to be claw.

Step 7: Claw

Here we will make the most important part of the arm. The claw. You can modify it easily to pick up anything you want.

Step 8: Putting It All Together

Here we are at the final step! Putting everything together to make it work!



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    It's only hydraulic if it uses water. otherwise it's pneumatic

    cool i have a real one robot on my page sub for sub

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    Yo man i coined that phrase. Royalties please. 50p.

    um yo man no man £5 please uhum

    Why would i pay you for using my phrase?

    cos i wont muny

    how iz i weird


    True genius
    could you make a video?

    1 reply

    Thanks! Bur, i dont have it with me. Ill see what i can do. But chances are i cannot make a video.

    This should get much more recognition. It is very well thought out, and its new and innovative. 5*!

    epic! 5*

    is there anything cooler than this on ibles??!?! maybe 1 or 2 things but it would take me a while to figure out what.

    1 reply

    hahaha thank you. i handed it in late though so i hope i don't lose marks