Hey there. 
This gun is a request by Technoassasin. 
It is a model of the IMI Galil, with most standard features I put on my models. This one, however, has a 'safety'. If you put it up, you can't pull the charging handle.
It looks fairly good in my opinion, so I hope you like it.
Tell me what you think


This is one of the Nice Est guns ive ever build great job
Hey Dr. Richtofen, i'm XxsonicxX and i thought of a EPIC idea! =D<br>Well, actually more than obe idea.<br><br>1. Knex Soda can dispenser<br>2. Knex pm-63<br>3. Knex ump .45<br>4. Knex kap-40<br>5. Knex colt 1911<br>6. Knex Dance Dance Revolution/Pump it up/Stepmania dance pad (just the casing, not the wiring<br>7. Knex folding gun (not fmg-9 please)<br><br>Also, you had the same barrel and grip as mine. Mine was too bulky and instead i made your mp-40 and your pistol with a slide just for looks and how boss they were. I havent posted in a while cuz of school. CRAZY NEW CONCEPT COMMING! Summer 2013 and also Fall 2013!!!!1
<p>I've built a PM-63</p>
Ah, dude, yeah its me, over here. Yeah, um, I have built the: KAP-40, 1911, and a folding K'NEX gun. Just saying...
Awesome! :) Ill go check it out
O.K. Pleas do. =D
Looks epic :D
Thanks :D
Sexy... :)
Thanks :D
Why honey cakes, why?!?!
Okay :)
''I know, I know honey cakes. Ive made more guns that have failed then have worked... XD'' <br>A while ago, when you had just begun this account, you commented this on one of my instructables
XD, me to. Then honey cakes just had to blow it. Jerk!
You mean, give the Galil a try, or build this one? (sorry, I'm just a bit confused)
oh my. you plan on posting this i hope... correct?
Already taken apart mostly. I have the full stock and most of the front (tip of barrel 'til about just behind the front grip) left. I made a requested Glock. But if you want, I can fix it, and post instructions
coolness /)
Thanks /)^3^(\
I give a solid 5/5, 10/10, 5 stars, and 100 points!!!
Nice bro
Thanks =D
You're welcome
Nice =D
Nice bro, I really, really like it. Althought, I think that it would be beneficial if you posted a pic of the real IWI Galil (BTW, I think it is IWI, not IMI, as it is a Israeli gun. I could be wrong though). I really do think I might build one of these, but I think I'll go with the micro version. I know most people say this, but you never fail to impress me. You seem to have a nack for building guns, and you are never prideful of them. Good work, and God bless. :-)
Thanks a lot man! <br>I'll add the picture of the real one now. (I don't know if it's IWI or IMI, all I know is that IMI is the name of the manufacturer, but it could be changed though)
No problem bro, and thanks for adding the pic. =D Like I said, the Galil is a Israeli weapon, so I was guessing that it was IWI, but again, I could be wrong. =D
=) <br>Yeah, I looked up the manufacturer, which indeed is Israeli. It was IMI, which is Israeli Military Industries.
Awe, I guess I was wrong. =D
Doesn't matter, everyone's wrong at sometime. Don't worry 'bout it
its about time someone built this gun IMO looks pretty boss
your welcome
Awesome, very realistic! You did a pretty good job.
Thanks a lot =D
don't you think this site has enough guns?
Hmmm, maybe enough of the same type of guns. But this was the third Galil (out of 1 good other one (WarhawkOne's one) and another one, which was meh)
That's freaking awesome!
Thanks =D

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