Hey there. 
This gun is a request by Technoassasin. 
It is a model of the IMI Galil, with most standard features I put on my models. This one, however, has a 'safety'. If you put it up, you can't pull the charging handle.
It looks fairly good in my opinion, so I hope you like it.
Tell me what you think


This is one of the Nice Est guns ive ever build great job
Hey Dr. Richtofen, i'm XxsonicxX and i thought of a EPIC idea! =D<br>Well, actually more than obe idea.<br><br>1. Knex Soda can dispenser<br>2. Knex pm-63<br>3. Knex ump .45<br>4. Knex kap-40<br>5. Knex colt 1911<br>6. Knex Dance Dance Revolution/Pump it up/Stepmania dance pad (just the casing, not the wiring<br>7. Knex folding gun (not fmg-9 please)<br><br>Also, you had the same barrel and grip as mine. Mine was too bulky and instead i made your mp-40 and your pistol with a slide just for looks and how boss they were. I havent posted in a while cuz of school. CRAZY NEW CONCEPT COMMING! Summer 2013 and also Fall 2013!!!!1
<p>I've built a PM-63</p>
Ah, dude, yeah its me, over here. Yeah, um, I have built the: KAP-40, 1911, and a folding K'NEX gun. Just saying...
Awesome! :) Ill go check it out
O.K. Pleas do. =D
Looks epic :D
Thanks :D
Sexy... :)
Thanks :D
oh my. you plan on posting this i hope... correct?
Already taken apart mostly. I have the full stock and most of the front (tip of barrel 'til about just behind the front grip) left. I made a requested Glock. But if you want, I can fix it, and post instructions
coolness /)
Thanks /)^3^(\
I give a solid 5/5, 10/10, 5 stars, and 100 points!!!
Nice bro
Thanks =D
You're welcome
Nice =D
Nice bro, I really, really like it. Althought, I think that it would be beneficial if you posted a pic of the real IWI Galil (BTW, I think it is IWI, not IMI, as it is a Israeli gun. I could be wrong though). I really do think I might build one of these, but I think I'll go with the micro version. I know most people say this, but you never fail to impress me. You seem to have a nack for building guns, and you are never prideful of them. Good work, and God bless. :-)
Thanks a lot man! <br>I'll add the picture of the real one now. (I don't know if it's IWI or IMI, all I know is that IMI is the name of the manufacturer, but it could be changed though)
No problem bro, and thanks for adding the pic. =D Like I said, the Galil is a Israeli weapon, so I was guessing that it was IWI, but again, I could be wrong. =D
=) <br>Yeah, I looked up the manufacturer, which indeed is Israeli. It was IMI, which is Israeli Military Industries.
Awe, I guess I was wrong. =D
Doesn't matter, everyone's wrong at sometime. Don't worry 'bout it
its about time someone built this gun IMO looks pretty boss
your welcome
Awesome, very realistic! You did a pretty good job.
Thanks a lot =D
don't you think this site has enough guns?
Hmmm, maybe enough of the same type of guns. But this was the third Galil (out of 1 good other one (WarhawkOne's one) and another one, which was meh)
That's freaking awesome!
Thanks =D

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