Hey guys, this is my k'nex IMI galil. you'll probably know it from Call of Duty Black Ops. BTW, this gun won't be posted because it's broken up already for a long time. don't forget to comment rate and subscribe .
<p>Can you show me how to make it please</p>
looks fragile but cool. Nice job!
I should build this from the pics some time
thanks a lot. it was also a very time consuming build. but it was worth it when you look at the end result.
I TOTALY agree.
Does it shoot?
it does but only a misserable 10 ft. LOL. but if you want power wait for a week or so and I'll post my M24. if you use 6 #64 rubberbands on it is will shoot between 40-50 ft.
you have an m24!!! today just keeps getting better
Not bad.. it would be cool if it could actually shoot far
Cool. Was thinking of making the Micro Galil myself actually. I've got mixed feelings about this one but overall it's pretty awesome. Probably my favorite gun in Black Ops too =P
yes good luck but I was also thinking about making a micro galil but I couldn't make it that well so I builded this one.
Oh yeah, for those that don't know: The Galil is an Israeli Assault Rifle. They pretty much did the most genius thing possible at the time and combined the AK-47 design with the NATO 5.56 round, something we Americans were too stuck up to do, ...and a can opener!
Neveer heard of that gun, it looks M4 like. But Its cool and nothing appaers to be wrong with it. 4.5*
If you ever do play Black ops you will figure it out.
yes but the IMI stands for the maker of the galil and you have much more versions of it and you'll probably know it from call of duty black ops. I also never heard about it before black ops came out.
This is the good thing about CoD games, they inspire good guns to be built :)
thanks and thanks for subscribing!
not bad at all =D
I know but it isn't my best creation. BTW, I'll post the first G11 today or tomorrow :D

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