K'nex IMI Galil





Introduction: K'nex IMI Galil

Hey guys, this is my k'nex IMI galil. you'll probably know it from Call of Duty Black Ops. BTW, this gun won't be posted because it's broken up already for a long time. don't forget to comment rate and subscribe .


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    LilSamm2000 made it!


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looks fragile but cool. Nice job!

I should build this from the pics some time

thanks a lot. it was also a very time consuming build. but it was worth it when you look at the end result.

To post in a conversation from a long time ago, to revive it essentially. Usually it's because a newb doesn't pay attention to the post dates and adds pretty much nothing to the conversation, but we all get an alert to their pointless comment.

Thank you, I just didn't know. I just hate being the ignorant person.

The AK and Commando have the better recoil control but the FAMAS and AUG have much faster kill times. They all kill in 3 hits but the latter two have a much faster RoF, that of the 4 hit kill SMGs.

That is true. I use the commando in Black Ops online and I'm able to aim and hit the target with ease.

Again, I like the Galil just a little better. Its recoil pulls harder to the right but is overall the same in amount. Plus I get the 5 extra rounds which stacks up nicely with dual mags. And it just looks really smexy in Yukon.

The Enfield is pretty much the only AR not worth using. The Spectre and MPL, maybe the Skorpion rapid fire are the only SMGs worth using when not spamming rapid fire. Treyarch really didn't balance out the guns that greatly in this game.