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Introduction: Knex Innovation Contest: Unentered

Hey guys, I never posted this since the contest ended, but i would like to show you it since I really liked how it came out, and how it shot. Sorry for inactivity, really busy with school and such things, but Ive taken some time to at least show you this. I want to start posting more, and i will. So i hope you guys like it, and here it is.



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    This one is pretty simple, and its only a 3 layer, but if you have trouble let me know, and ill rebuild and put it up, but right now, I'm working on another gun. Thank you.


    very awesome!! also awesome choice of music!! Zomboy is awesome.

    Hey man. Good to see you posting again, its been a while. I really like the gun, and I have always favorited three layer guns, so this is really nice to me. Aside from the gun being 3 layered, I also like BL (Breach Loading) mechs, so that is a real plus. BTW, ya might want ta edit your explanatory it has some messed up grammar. Cheers. :-)