Knex Innovators Challenge: Round 3




Introduction: Knex Innovators Challenge: Round 3

Hey guys, this is my entry for round 3 of the Knex Innovators Challenge hosted by The Dunkis, i hope you like, and sorry if the video is a little weird, Windows Live Movie maker was being weird, but anyways, enjoy!



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Wow, this one is actually better than the folding gun Red Book of Westmarch made. I still woudn't say this version of the concept is at it's best, but at least you tried. I'm going to build this concept and see if I can perdy it up some and get it to work really,really well. :)

lol, this was weeks ago! Why are you writing a reply now?

I can't read your mind.

Whatever........ I don't have time for this. I'm not going to play guessing games with you if you're going to avoid trying to tell me what the problem is. -_-

Thanks, this gun actually shot very well, i really liked it.

Lil' late but do you have any internals, I'm trying to make my own folding gun but the progress is horrible.

Alright, excellence. I'll have the scores in tomorrow. Have any suggestions for challenge 5? No one has been suggesting any so I'm just throwing my own out there.