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Introduction: Knex Intervention

About: Hey, my name is Matt, and i am well known as G-train. That sums up my life pretty much. IF YOU WANT ANY GUNS U WANT ME TO MAKE JUST LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! I want to make a AK 47 bullpup (mag behind handl...

This is my uncompleted knex intervention, which I made like 2 weeks after the release date of MW2. I didn't finish it simply because I ran out of pieces.

Tell me what you think and hopefully it can inspire someone else to build an intervention :)



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    ive seen the gun when it was finished and it was great but do u have any instruction on how o build this gun

    is there any instructions for this intervention because i really want to make this gun but i can t find out how

    Hey actually I started and Intervention a couple of days ago, and I was really scared when it said intervention :P  That's because EVERY time I start a replica,  and what made it worse was that it said made by gtrain! :O  lol I was so scared because your replicas are the best but I guess I was really lucky that it wasnt finished :P

    PS... I was wondering if you would be kind enough o let me use your barrel design, its really good!  If not, its ok ill think of my own.  But if it's ok, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you can take whatever you need from my gun my friend :)

     Thanks a bunch!  i am finally done the barrel.... if you wanna see a pic then just tell me and ill pm it to you :)

    id love to see it :)

    ok lol, well im almost done so ill just send it to you then, probably tonight or tommorow

     Thanks!  Look at this pic, it shows the gun in full size.... Its 4 feet long!

    yours is better imo, anyway...

     lol, by the way gtrain, ill post some pics later on today.  there is one problem though, i didn't have enough pieces to make the stock so it's not in the picture..... ill send you a link once it's posted just in case you havent subbed me :)

    looks alright

    but the handle needs work, and you could add all the fiddly bits in the body

    and yes i do realise that you have no pieces left.


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    i do agree. i started making an intervention, but couldn't figure out the stock. an intervention just isn't an intervention without the stock. i did create a new type of bipod though... might take the project back up sooner or later.

    i made a bolt but didn't put in pic, and i am not gonna make a stock

     can you post closeups on my orangeboard I feel like I can make it but I just want more quality pictures and a look at the barrel+triggersystem