Knex Ionization Ball Machine Instructions





Introduction: Knex Ionization Ball Machine Instructions

A semi-huge project. This ball machine is around five feet tall and has almost 5000 pieces. I designed a wheel gate to make sure only one ball occupies the bottom of the lift. Enjoy building this ball machine as much as I did creating it. This machine also uses the newer larger K'nex balls.

Step 1: Piece Count


Grey: 19
Red: 116
Yellow: 316
Blue: 721
White: 346
Green: 765


White: 123
Blue 3d: 170
Purple 3d: 321
Yellow: 366
Green: 58
Red: 236
Orange: 107
Light-grey: 5
Dark-grey: 176


Orange track connectors: 134
Purple flexi-rod: 1
Orange flexi-rod: 16
Black/peach rod: 1
Blue spacer: 113
Silver spacer: 179
Tan-clip: 16
Blue clip: 15
T-clip: 52
Red gear: 9
yellow gear: 2
 Large yellow gear: 1
Small blue gear: 1
Medium tire: 2
Motor: 1
Small triangle panel: 1
Chain links: 115


Step 2: Base

A very small step!

Step 3: Return Track, Wheel Lift and Wheel Gate

This is where the new gate system is built and installed.

Step 4:

I managed to make a very long classic spiral lift by reinforcing it with more support. Take your time and build carefully.

Step 5: Other Supports

One last step before the paths.

Step 6: Path 1

Yay! Finally onto the paths!

Step 7: Path 2- Double- Arm

This path uses a new ball arm I invented where the ball uses it twice.

Step 8: Path 3- Torqued-Off Supernova

This path uses a combination of Torque and Supernova elements.



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    Yet again, another wonderful ball machine! How do you churn them out so fast? (I'm still stuck on a troublesome element, so my next release will probably be a while.) A well conceived lift system and creative elements. I love the instructions as always; they allow me to catch things I might otherwise miss in the video. Good job, a five star (if ratings were still up) machine!

    9 replies

    I also like your positive and encouraging comments, even if they're not for me :D

         I like to follow 1 Thessalonians 5:11 - "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." Besides, who likes the people who gripe about the one tiny flaw of a model when there are so many positive aspects to applaud? My specialty is being the voice of constructive criticism, and encouraging people to keep at it and keep improving!

    Are you talking about what I put at the end of the video? I have a problem with pointing out flaws and really need to control it.

    Sorry, no, I hadn't even thought about that part of the video. I was more speaking generally...besides, my models often have flaws like that too, so why judge? ;-)

    This comment made me feel so happy, unfortunately I'm at sort of a block after that project. Hopefully I can get some ideas soon so I can continue with my projects.

    im glad u have instructions for the track(unlike most people) but does anyone here know what i can use as a ball. as a kid i lost mine and rather than buying a new track to get a ball ide like a cheap alternitive of what i can use

    what process do you go through, making instructions for ball machines? I want to make an 'ible for mine however I don't know where to start making instructions!

    My 6 year old son and I just finished building this ball machine last night. Good times! Thanks for putting up the steps!!!!

    wow i only needed 4 more green rods i had to use 4 black ones instead O.o

    great ball machine it works perfectly for me

    can you use golf balls instead of the k'nex balls?

    its a big machine with instructions most ball machines don't so that makes it awesome

    oh f$%*