Knex Ipod Dock (fits Any Size)





Introduction: Knex Ipod Dock (fits Any Size)

Hello! This is my first reasonable Instructable ! So congrats for me!

Now on to the Instructable ! So this a K'nex Ipod dock. It is my entry for Jayefuu's knex contest .It fits any kind ipod or iphone .It is VERY sturdy .I dropped it down the stairs and nothing happened :O. It has a pulley to store your extra wire from your USB cord. I imagine this could be used for other MP3's and phones, as long as it is not wider than the dock. So on to the instructions ! Please remember to subscribe and rate!

Step 1: Parts List

It has happened , you are building something and you run out of pieces . Now i have compiled an exact list of parts!

Orange Connectors-18 (one more if you want the wire storage)
Gray or Purple one slot Connectors -20
Light Gray two slot Connectors-2
Red Three way Connectors-12
Yellow Five way Connectors-4

Yellow rods-2
Red rods-3
Blue rods-6
White Rods-9 (one more if you would like wire storage)
Small Green Rods-6

Medium Wheel-1 (optional

Step 2: Ipod Rest

This is the place where you put your Ipod.

Step 3: Supports

This is what gives it that extra umph!

Step 4: Final Connections

Yay! The fun part!

Step 5: One More Thing.....

I forgot to show you the wire storage! Just rap your extra wire around it!

Step 6: Yay ! Finished!

Well thanks for looking or , hopefully, building! Thanks and dont forget to subscribe and rate!



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    wow epic i hant made it but starting

    y is there a cat whive a large lemon on its head?????=D

     5 stars!!! i built it and my iphone fits it perfect!!! :)

    Awesome I may try this one too for my nintendo Dsi soon!

    Your welcome! Oh by the way 4 and 1/2 stars!

    even more thanks!